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#DelawareEmployment Report: #Available #Jobs in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware for Experienced and Inexperienced #JobApplicants (July 2018)

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  • #DelawareEmployment Report: #Available #Jobs in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware for Experienced and Inexperienced #JobApplicants (July 2018)

    #employment #opportunities for #good #paying #jobs in #newcastle #county #delaware for #qualified & #inexperienced #job #applicants

    Welcome to the Delaware jobs report for July 2018. Getting a good paying job in the state of Delaware can sometimes be an uphill battle especially when you don't have time to search for another job or don't know where the good paying jobs are. This is why this form was created with you and mine to help make your job search process easier. Going forward, if you're not in the market at this time looking for employment or know someone who's looking for a better job working for a pleasant acting employer who doesn't mind giving pay raises to employees who perform beyond the norm going above and beyond for the company financially, feel free to share this post with them on your favorite social networks such as Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com and discuss in YouTube.com videos. This Delaware employment opportunity thread is only for residents in New Castle County.

    Some positions may require you to have a college degree while others you can apply for at entry-level with a high school diploma or GED. Some jobs listed below in New Castle County Delaware may require you to have previous experience in the advertised job listing or no previous experience. It depends on the employer and the employer's decision if they decide to hire you with or without past experience. If you see an employment opportunity below you're interested in but have little to no experience, it's a good idea to apply for the job anyway with your resume, and follow up with a personal email introducing yourself with a short message showing your interest in the position despite the fact that you're inexperienced for the position. You may also want to let the employer know in the body of the email message that you're available to possibly work weekends and some overtime if needed. This will place a seed in the employer's mind if they're looking for employees to work overtime to potentially consider you for employment. This is why it's also important to apply for the job anyway even if you get rejected.

    Education alert - The University of Delaware has an excellent non-degree program for adults looking to advance their education. You can invest in yourself through courses at the University of Delaware in business and information technology, engineering and science, health care and Health Sciences, law, pre-college, safety and test prep. For more information on the educational opportunities available at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware visit PCS. Udel.edu. You can also pick up a booklet about Educational non-degree credit opportunities currently available at this time at U of D by visiting your local Delaware Department of Labor and inquire with an employment specialist about potentially obtaining a University of Delaware non-degree certificate. This educational opportunity at the University of Delaware is for working adults and others looking to better the quality of their life through higher education.

    If you know someone currently looking for work in New Castle County, Delaware or you're currently in the market looking for a better-paying job, take a close look at peace employment opportunities potentially suitable for your skill set:

    1.Digital Office Solutions - (telemarketer part-time) This company is based in New Castle County Delaware and available for all Delaware job applicants to gladly apply. Digital Office Solutions of Delaware has wonderful scheduling for people who already have day jobs and those seeking gainful full-time employment. First things first. if you already have a day job and looking for something supplementary as a second job, they're hiring for a part-time telemarketer position. After submitting your resume online for potential employment with digital Office Solutions, you can patch something together during a job interview if they're interested in hiring you. They're looking to hire part-time telemarketers to place phone calls to clients. The good thing about this position is they already have a pre-populated computerized directory according to their job post description. Additionally, you don't have to worry about making up something to say because they already have a preference mated script which is good for people who just don't want to do at Living. The beauty of the perforated script is you can actually memorize it to the point where as you don't need it to sit in front of you, giving you the grand ability of potentially closing sales faster and meeting client needs. Moreover, the part-time telemarketer position only requires a minimum of making 5 sales a day. This is the ideal position for people who are dedicated to sales and marketing and numbers driven. This position is also from motivated entrepreneurs looking to stay in the State of Mind of sheer consistency. Skills needed for this job besides being dedicated to sales and marketing is you have to have some knowledge of computer, telephone and other equipment, as well as some knowledge of how to use Microsoft Word and possibly Microsoft Excel. You need to maintain a clarity of voice when conveying messages and in deep conversation with the client. The part-time position also requires you to train others when required according to the flyer job description. If you come across any problems during the call or during training, you're required as a part-time employee of Digital Office Solutions to convey messages immediately to your supervisor. Any customer complaints are also escalated to the supervisor for quality control. Always be respectful in your position as a part-time telemarketer because you never know when you'll get a pay raise or a corporate evaluation. The minimum requirement for this position is having a high school diploma or GED.

    Copier technician (full time) - this is a minimum requirement position that only asks for high school diploma. You'll need basic knowledge of computers, some knowledge of electronics and mechanics as mentioned on the job posting. It's a good idea to take a few drivers courses if you haven't already done so and have points on your license. Reason being is because this position requires a Delaware valid driver's license. Digital Office Solutions will be conducting driver license checks to see how many points you have if any. You also need strong mechanical ability according to the job posting flyer, good written, verbal communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. If you're hired for this position full-time, you can look forward to competitive compensation, comprehensive Benefit Plan, extensive paid Technical Training Program, and Company Supply tools- laptop, according to the job description flyer.

    Interested? You can easily apply online now at doscorp.net.

    2.Two Men & A Truck - Two Men and a Truck is a moving company in New Castle County Delaware with a concentration in providing Affordable Services and commercial moving services and supplies to customer and businesses. According to the job posting flyer, they're located in New Castle, Delaware and currently seeking candidates for furniture mover drivers and helpers. This is an ideal job for people working in between looking for their ideal job and those who are looking just to work a side hustle as a means of secondary employment.

    Drivers - this is a good job to have because all you're basically doing is driving. You do need a clean driving record although you will be driving a non CDL truck. Driver licenses issued by the State of Delaware will be checked by Two Men and a Truck prior to employment. For this job, you need to not only know how to drive well, but you're also be carrying Furniture up and down stairs and conversing back and forth with customers. You need to have a positive demeanor and professional attitude because your character will be representing the company live and direct up close and personal Robin Leach Style. The driver position also has over time available for hard-working employees looking to double up their money. This is a good thing if this is your full-time job or your secondary side hustle as means of keeping extra change in your pocket. In fact, the posting flyer says that over time is required. it's mandatory you have a good work ethic for this position because overtime is required by the employer, corporate professional attitude needs to stay on deck, and you also need to pass a criminal background check and drug test. Once that's taken care of and you're considered for employment, you're starting pay with Two Men and a Truck in New Castle, Delaware starts between $14 is - $16. 50 hourly. This is a good paying position for people who don't have college degrees because you can hold on to this job while working your way through college or your main gig. The choice is yours.

    Helpers - The helper position requires having a little bit of muscle on you. Why? You'll be loading and unloading trucks and moving furniture consistently. Additionally, you must have the physical ability to carry furniture up and down stairs without tripping over yourself and talking to customers. The helper position is available to work overtime and required. the helper position also requires you to undergo a criminal background check and test for any and all kinds of drugs in your system. In other words, don't smoke a blunt the night before the job interview and drink special herbal tea thinking it's going to get out of your system the next day. You'll be a fool thinking you're going to get the job because immediately after the job interviewed, they'll give you instructions to go visit a laboratory to take an instant drug test as you'll possibly have 48 hours to do so. If you pass the background check and drug test and considered for the helper position with Two Men and a Truck in New Castle, your starting pay is at $11 an hour. you can inquire with the employer about a potential pay raise after your first 6 months or 1 year on the job.

    This is a good position to hatch if you're looking to get your money up and don't care too much about having a corporate job. Another good thing about this job is you don't have to work Sundays and they're flexible with part-time position scheduling. The flyer does say schedules and hours per week May Vary. And the company is also open Monday through Saturday. This is something for you if you're looking to stay in shape, keep a few extra bucks in your pocket if you have a day job already, and feel productive by helping others.

    Apply for this job now “with no delay” @ careers.twomenandatruck.com.

    Address: 83 Christiana Rd, New Castle, DE 19720 (Across the street from the old HSBC.com corporate operations center off of Route 273 in New Castle)
    Phone: (302) 613-0765

    3. Tri State Pooper Scoopers - This company is located in Newark, Delaware. according to the description on the homepage of the website, Tri-State pooper scoopers offers residential and Commercial Services. Their Commercial Services Division will clean up after dog and geese waste found an apartment complexes, parks, and golf courses. This is a pretty cool job as a side hustle for qualified New Castle County Delaware job candidates looking to keep a few extra bucks in their pocket. They're currently hiring at this time in July 2018 they have positions to fill immediately. you need to commit yourself to the company for at least two full days a week as this position is year round, according to the Tri State pooper scoopers job posting flyer. If you're considered for the position, paid training will be for four to six days at $90 per day. And the good news about this job is, the starting salary they say on the flyer is at $100 per day with opportunity for more money. The position is straightforward they say. We scoop dog poop. Yes, your job is to pick up feces of pets.

    Before you're hired for the position as a pooper scooper, you're required to undergo a drug test. You have to be at least 22 years old with a clean driver's license because Tri State pooper scoopers will be conducting a Delaware driver license point check. Reason why they're running a driver license point check is because you'll be using the company vehicle to go to and from locations to scoop poop.

    You're reading and writing game must be on point. You're representing the company and need to convey messages with Clarity. Moreover, your health needs to be on deck and cardiovascular activity up to par. If you're a marathon Runner, this is the ideal job for you because you must have the ability to walk long distances and lift some weight up to potentially 25 lb.

    Call at: 1-877-433-POOP(7667)
    Timings: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm
    Main Branch: Newark, DE

    Apply online for employment @ info@tristatepooperscoopers.com and tell then you saw the job posting on Drewry News Network Delaware forum.

    4.West End Neighborhood House - located in the heart of Wilmington, Delaware, West End Neighborhood House has an environmental job training program for labor minded manual workers. If you're in the market looking to learn a trade and get certified as an environmental technician, this just might be your calling. The beauty of this program, according to the job posting flyer, is that the environmental job training program is completely free for Delaware residents. Additional information listed on the job posting flyer includes that participants will have the grand opportunity to have access to a the following training programs such as OSHA 10 general safety, OSHA 40 hazwoper hazardous materials technician, OSHA confined space entry CSE, aerial lift and mobile scaffolding Basics, mold remediation - water intrusion worker, lead RRP (renovation, repair, and painting), espestice worker training, forklift operator training, and soil sampling training.

    Going forward, there's no need to worry about meeting minimum required qualifications. Additional information listed on the West End Neighborhood House environmental job training program flyer includes meeting the qualifications of being 18 years or older, a United States citizen, possessing a Delaware state ID or Delaware driver's license, having a GED or high school diploma (no college degree required), being physically fit or nearly in shape with a good metabolism, having a sincere interest in the environmental field, successfully passing an aptitude exam consisting of reading and math, successfully passing a drug screening process. And most importantly, having reliable transportation to and from training. If you live near a DART bus stop, that's also considered reliable transportation to and from West End Neighbor House environmental job training program.

    Location and phone number:

    710 North Lincoln Street
    Wilmington, Delaware 19805
    Contact: Mario Edwards - MEdwards@WestEndnh.org.

    This is not a posting for Delaware job Hoppers. Only for serious-minded career bound individuals looking for stable employment and exercising their skill set in being a productive servant.

    Interested candidates interested in potential employment and training complete an online application at westwndnh.org.

    5. Dibiaso's Cleaning and Restoration service - Looking to hire an assistant technician in New Castle County that's reliable, customer-oriented and willing to be a part of the team long-term. Once again, this is not a job for Delaware job hoppers if you're just looking to get another paycheck. Delaware job Hoppers are better off going to temporary employment agencies and working job the job whereas when you get terminated, you'll possibly be hipped to another job by the temp agency or most likely blacklisted altogether and your name allegedly shared with other temporary employment agencies throughout Delaware, letting them know in a corporate heads up that you're a job hopper in New Castle County Delaware. Dibiaso's is also looking to hire, according to the job posting flyer, honest people looking to work for an ethical business who's clean-cut, and organized person with positive attitude.

    This position also requires that you have to have a positive character and being outgoing personable individual who makes a good first impression with customers. If you're looking to own your own business someday and be a side hustle millionaire, this is the perfect time to get in with this cleaning and restoration service, as you'll develop the necessary people skills to venture out on your own someday when you decide to take up entrepreneurship full time. Going forward, your Delaware driver's license has to be clean as a whistle. This cleaning and restoration service is mandatorily conducting a driver's license Point check. They have in the description that a valid driver's license is required, so you know what that means. In addition, you have to have a clean criminal background and no felony convictions as this is a drug-free workplace and an equal employment opportunity. If you have an IICRC certification or an ASD certification, this is definitely a plus according to the job posting flyer.

    you have to be willing to participate in a weekly rotational on call schedule. This means that your flexibility has to be open and available when the company needs you to work. You'll also need to be flexible as you have to work at times in small spaces. And if you also have experience in air duct - HVAC systems cleaning, that's also a good thing but not a definitive requirement. Lastly, if you have experience in carpet, upholstery and tile and grout cleaning, that's definitely a plus but not a requirement according to the posting flyer.

    If this is a job you feel is ideal for your schedule, lifestyle and skill-set, feel free to email your resume with no delay to Scott@dibiasos.com.

    6. Sobieski - This is definitely a company skilled and qualified job candidates want to apply for. There's so much growth potential as an employee working for a Sobieski fire protection systems. Located in New Castle county in Wilmington, Delaware, fire protection by Sobieski is looking to hire HVAC and plumbing text. You need experience and certifications for this position possibly. If you lack experience what seriously interested in working for the company, you're encouraged to still email your resume for potential employment, and be mindful to include a cover letter explaining your interest in the company what lack of experience but serious interest for positions they're currently hiring for.

    Sobieski is also looking to hire lead replacement installers. if considered for this position and brought on as a new hire, you'll potentially receive a hiring bonus of $3, 000, according to the job posting flyer.

    Address & Tel:
    14 Hadco Rd, Wilmington, DE 19804
    (888) 573-1705

    Preventive maintenance technicians is another position Sobieski Fire Protection Systems is currently looking to hire. They're offering a $1, 500 hiring bonus if you're hired. It doesn't mention if you still receive the bonus if hired as a part-time employee. You'll want to consider directly with the prospective employer for clarification on how hiring bonuses work.

    If you know someone looking for work in New Castle County, Delaware, feel free to pass this information along to them and share on Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com and LinkedIn.com.



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