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#NCCDelaware: 5 #Jobs to Consider Applying for in May 2018

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  • #NCCDelaware: 5 #Jobs to Consider Applying for in May 2018

    #employers currently #hiring in the #stateofdelaware in #newcastlecounty in #Wilmington and #Newarl #delaware for the #month of #may #2018 - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/delaware

    The beauty of Delaware is employment opportunities spontaneously arising. People looking to change employment in New Castle County Delaware can always search online for better paying jobs on sites such as careerbuilder.com, ziprecruiter.com, employmentcrossing.com, snagajob.com, indeed.com, and monster.com. While there's tons more online sites geared toward helping people find gainful employment throughout the state of Delaware, hopefully the job listings below will be of some help to you or someone you know looking for a job that pays well in New Castle County. Share this thread with everyone you know on LinkedIn.com, Twitter.com, Pinterest.com, Facebook.com, and discuss in YouTube.com videos.

    These jobs are open to anyone with a valid Delaware driver's license and a good work ethic to apply:

    North Maaco in Newark, Delaware is looking to hire and train on the job paint line technicians, estimators, automotive painters, inside sales associates, auto body technicians, masters, and preppers. The good thing about this employer hiring qualified job candidates is they're committed to helping you build your career with the company 39 North Maaco also known as World Class Automotive Group. According to their flyer, they offer top-of-the-line training to our automotive professionals. In addition, they also mentioned that we are the fastest-growing multi-unit Automotive Group in the Northeast region. If you're not a Delaware job hopper looking for a serious career and employee growth with on the job benefits such as paid training, competitive wages and more, 39 North Maaco in Newark, Delaware also known as the World Class Automotive Group is your employment hook up in New Castle County.

    Additional information on the flyer concerning 39 North Mako employment benefits include me career growth with multiple advancement opportunities, paid training as previously mentioned, five day work weeks from Monday through Friday - no weekends mentioned, competitive wages so you can earn a decent living, paid time off so you can enjoy a vacation by yourself or vacationing with the family, paid holidays so you can spend quality time with your family or take a holiday vacation somewhere, a great health insurance plan so you can stay healthy on the job, life insurance so you know that you're good while working at 39 North Maaco as a valued employee, flexible spending, paid uniforms so you have to shell money out of your pocket to pay for a uniform, and a beautiful 401K retirement plan with employer match according to the flyer. Are you excited about this job yet? You should be if you're ready to apply with no delay.

    Interested qualified job candidates can forward resumes to recruiting@39NorthMaaco.com. Though not listed in the flyer, it's a good idea to include a cover letter along with your resume submission to the prospective employer. Doing so will help you stand out from the average job candidate and made potentially put you in a quiet position of special consideration for potential employment with 39 North Maaco - World Class Automotive Group. The sooner you submit your resume the sooner you'll be one step ahead of competition and potentially finding yourself getting a call from the potential employer to schedule your upcoming job interview.


    This Wilmington employer is seeking to hire qualified New Castle County Delaware job candidates looking for a stable career and not another stale paycheck. This Delaware job listing is definitely not for job hoppers looking to hop job the job and working just for another check. The City of Wilmington under Mr. Michael S. Purzycki as mayor is looking to hire Clerks to work in the Lewis L. Redding city county building located on French Street. The Clerk II is required to pass a background check, pre-employment physical, and a drug test. If you smoke marijuana or any other substance the night before or the week before your scheduled job interview, the best choice for you to make is to not apply for the job at all. Even if you manage to clear substances out of your system the week or the night before your scheduled job interview, you'll still slip up after getting hired and get caught and get fired on the spot. If you have a substance problem, get over it first before applying for any job with the city of Wilmington or the state of Delaware.

    Once hired after passing pre-employment requirements as a new clerk working for the city of Wilmington, you'll be required to work evenings, weekends and holidays as needed, according to the city of Wilmington Clerk flyer job listing.

    Qualifying for this job also requires you to have previous knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and equivalent word processing and database software. If you know MySQL and WordPress, that's also good to add on your resume for potential employment with the city of Wilmington. You also have to have knowledge of modern office practices and procedures. A know-how and experience with programs and services related to recreation. Good customer experience and work ethic and etiquette is always a plus to have as a potential employee with any company that hires you. You'll also be required to be a people person. Knowing how to talk to people, treat people, and build sustainable relationships with the general public in efforts of conveying a positive image of the city of Wilmington.

    As a clerk, you'll be performing various administrative duties such as maintaining and reviewing Department contracts and filing systems, helping the executive director with Vital Records functions, transferring records to storage, and related administrative functions. You're required to maintain a high work ethic as an unwritten rule and maintain daily punctuality.

    Are you serious about a career with the city of Wilmington and retiring with a healthy pension? You're welcome to apply for this position with the Wilmington Department of Parks and Recreation by applying at WilmingtonDE.gov, or applying in person at the city of Wilmington Department of Human Resources at the City-County Building at 800 French Street in Wilmington, Delaware 19801. Telephone: 302-576-2460.


    The City of Wilmington is looking to hire an account entry Clerk as the job vacancy is currently open as of May 2018. The cutoff date to apply was May 2nd 2018 but you can still apply for the job anyway in person. City of Wilmington is looking to hire an account entry clerk as the hours will fluctuate upon hiring for employment. Based on the job listing flyer, the account entry Clerk for the city of Wilmington is charged with the responsibility of maintaining current status on all tax and water billing accounts with the city. You're required to pass a criminal background investigation, pre-employment drug test and a physical. This does not mean smoke marijuana the night before or the week before the job interview thinking you're not going to get caught.

    He'll be working in the financial records systems with complex clerical information. You have to know how to pre-order it and process payment request for City agencies according to the job description flyer from the city of Wilmington. You'll be processing checks and accounts payable in addition to making general journal entries, archiving in-house files, providing training and instruction to other city employees and answering telephones and working with other department personnel concerning vendor payments and availability of funds for payment and budget balance.

    For this position, only a high school education is required. Starting salary as an account entry clerk working for the city of Wilmington falls under the G grade salary starting between $31,080 up to $40,466 annually. You have to have the creative ability to work under pressure and maintain diplomacy during periods of stress, according to the description on the city of Wilmington account entry clerk job flyer. You also know how to successfully operate computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, word perfect, and navigate your way successfully across the internet. Most importantly, you have to be a people person because this job requires you to maintain successful working relationships with fellow employees, department managers, related agencies, and the General Public. If you feel you have an attitude problem and you're not a people person and anti-social, this job working for the city of Wilmington at as an account entry clerk is definitely not your cup of tea. You're better off going to one of these Delaware temp agencies and looking for a warehouse job working for $9 an hour.

    You can apply for the account entry clerk position working for the city of Wilmington by applying online at Wilmington Delaware.gov, and applying in person at the Louis Redding city county building at 800 French Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801. Telephone number to contact for more information is the same listed as above.


    The City of Wilmington is hiring again. It looks as if all kinds of wonderful job opportunities are available working for the city of Wilmington. This position falls under the J salary grade with an annual salary starting at 34,000 6:38 to earning a potential of $46,607 annually. Minimum qualifications require a high school diploma or GED equivalency with a concentration in bookkeeping, accounting, and related computer subjects or equivalent combination of experience, according to the city of Wilmington job flyer listing. The position is hiring for a purchasing technician that will require concentration in the workplace upon performing clerical work of Maintenance of contracts, legal, and financial records and reports. You'll also be required to perform related duties as this position is directly supervised by the procurement manager, according to the job flyer from the city of Wilmington. Under the purchasing technician related job duties, you will review bid contracts to make sure everything is intact with the city of Wilmington code of compliance. You have to keep a close eye on transactions, monetary transaction that is, and make sure that daily deposits are verified and information is exact.

    The purchasing technician position with the city of Wilmington requires knowledge of accounting principles, practices and procedures according to the job flyer. You also need to know Microsoft Office Suite including Ms Excel, Ms word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. You'll also have to have a clear and concise train of thought in exercising good decision-making skills in the moment. You also have to maintain a satisfactory standing of keeping records intact for easy access in addition to report and statement preparation. You can apply for this job with the city of Wilmington Department of Human Resources down at the City-County Building with the telephone number and address listed above.


    New Castle County Vo-Tech school district is looking to hire a medical assisting instructor. The job number is 576238. The medical assisting instructor hired to work in the NCC Vo-Tech School District will be required to coordinate and Implement activities of the medical assistant course, according to the job description on the flyer. The medical assisting instructor will order and maintain supplies for the department and instruct in entry-level competitive C's for the medical assistant. You'll also provide instruction for legal ethical issues, communication skills, medical laboratory procedures, and basic skills skills according to the description on the New Castle County employment flyer.

    You also have to monitor and evaluate student performance, in addition to maintaining Student Records and revising curriculum when needed to maintain alignment with national professional standards. In so many words, not only will you need to be mentally acute to get this type of job and keep this job as a 20 to 30-year career working for the New Castle County Vo-Tech School District, but you'll also need to take your vitamins daily, do your cardio, exercise, and eat right. Reason being is because you'll be dealing with the general public such as youth. With that said, you'll need to maintain adequate energy levels to keep up with students at Howard High School of Technology located in Wilmington, Delaware.

    Qualifications for this job are as follows according to the flyer:
    • Registered nurse in the state of Delaware
    • 6 years work experience as a RN or Medical Assistant.
    • Bachelor's degree
    • Experience working with students
    • The ability to teach basic health care skills, medical lab procedures, medical office practices and procedures.
    • Pass background check.

    If you have anything on your background you need to let them know up front before they run the pre-employment background check on you. And be honest about everything during your interview even if you have something on there such as a misdemeanor or a past DUI. Honesty is always the best policy and may still help you get the job even if you have something on your background.

    Apply online now for the medical assisting instructor job at the Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington at NCCVoTech.com.



    It's always a good practice for men to wear suits with decent pressed shirts and business ties before going to any job interview, even if you're interviewing for a potential position as a janitor or a wing man working on a waste truck. You always want to present yourself as if you have adequate home training. Wearing jeans to an interview with a T-shirt and sagging your pants will get you thrown out the door before you can order one word to a prospective employer. Please govern yourself with decency and dress accordingly for any job interview not just in the state of Delaware, but anywhere. You represent your parents, home training, and your outlook on life based on your General appearance before people.

    Dress for success, as your outfit will not only speak volumes to a potential employer, but may also get you the job before you're done interviewing with them. Most importantly, believe you have the job before you interview if it's really a position you desire to work as a career. If you don't get the job you interviewed for, stay faithful and keep checking back on this site for upcoming job postings in the near future.



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