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#AppleComputers: What's The #AppleMaps Truck from California Doing in the #StateofDelaware?

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  • #AppleComputers: What's The #AppleMaps Truck from California Doing in the #StateofDelaware?

    #AppleMaps truck from #California #driving on #I495 through #ClaymontDelaware

    A young man was seen on the highway in West Chester, Pennsylvania Sunday afternoon on November 12, 2017 in an maps truck. The driver, a young Caucasian male, was seen driving a Apple weather-maps truck with weather looking gadgets on top of the vehicle. The young man was allegedly on his phone while driving (a driving hazard). Additionally, it looks as if he allegedly drove cross country from California, as the truck sported California tags.

    #AppleComputers #employee seen in #Delaware driving on #Interstate495 through #ClaymontDelaware in an #AppleMaps truck from #California

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    If the young male employee was in Delaware on business, what was he doing driving from California to Delaware? To stop at the store at Christiana Mall? Or was he en route to New York City? The above photo shows the young Apple computers employee driving through Claymont, Delaware on I-495 towards Newark, Delaware-Baltimore, Maryland.