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#HighwayRobbery: Dont Put Your $ gUaP $ in This #Payphone on #GermantownAvenue at The #Sunoco #GasStation by #Washington Lane: Doesn't Work!

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  • #HighwayRobbery: Dont Put Your $ gUaP $ in This #Payphone on #GermantownAvenue at The #Sunoco #GasStation by #Washington Lane: Doesn't Work!

    This #payphone on #Germantown #Avenue in #Philadelphia #robs you of your #money at the #Sunoco #gas #station on #Washington #lane

    There's a shiesty pay phone in Germantown Philly. Located at the gas station on the corner of Germantown Avenue and Washington Lane, the pay phone above has a sign saying the opposite of what it does.

    It was a red square that says "Yes." Yes what? Yes this phone works. Oh really? Not so.

    On more than one occasion, a person attempted to use that phone to make a local phone call in Philadelphia and put two quarters in the payphone after not hearing a dial tone and taking a chance that hopefully the coin operated phone will work. Unfortunately, not only did the pay phone steal the quarters, but the call was never put through. Why does Sunoco in Germantown allow this phone to remain there when it doesn't work? To allegedly continue stealing people's quarters?

    Normal pay phones have a dial tone after the person picks up the headset to either call collect or make a local call. This is not the case with this phone on Washington Ln. Sunoco should be ashamed of themselves for not removing this phone because it negatively impacts their business character.,,,,,,,, and needs to be aware of this madness as this phone allegedly keeps stealing customers' coins.

    When will Sunoco on Washington Ln. get rid of this pay phone and install an honest one? Who knows. If you don't mind being robbed by the payphone on Germantown Avenue by Washington Lane where this payphone is located at the Sunoco gas station, got for the gusto and put your money in there. And when you're robbed of your money, the gas station attendant will tell you there's nothing they can do about refunding your money. So who pockets the profits from this shady acting payphone?