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5 Simple Ways to Overcome #Rejection and Move On

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  • 5 Simple Ways to Overcome #Rejection and Move On

    #love and #relationships; getting over the #breakup -

    1. Work on a weight loss transformation - This'll keep your mind occupied off of the feeling after parting ways with someone you held dear to your heart. It won't be easy because you're human. Fighting off romantic feelings is always difficult because you're human. But once the unhealthy weight starts coming off and you start feeling healthier and lighter, you can look forward to a renewed spirit, body, mind, and heart for a special someone.

    2. Start a YouTube channel- Discussing today's trends that attract traffic online such as education, cooking, blogging, relationships, marriage, finances, and so forth will keep your mind out of the soggy relationships blues mindset. Keep a small digital camera with you or use your camera phone to record quick videos commenting on whatever you'd like. Upload to with links in the header video description to a product or service you're selling. Sooner than you know, you'll be profiting off of relationship rejection and have something good to smile about all the way to "el banco."

    3. St. John's Wort - Consult with your doctor if necessary before ingesting this natural herb of the Earth. St. John's Wort helps increase positive feelings in the brain and hope for the future. According to Healthline, the natural herb is noted for "It's most commonly used to treat depression and associated conditions, such as anxiety, sleep problems and seasonal affective disorder." ( Get your mind out of the end of the world mindset, stop going back to the past, pick yourself up, and move on with life with a positive attitude.

    4. Stop listening to sad old love songs - Listening to old school or new school worldly music has a subliminal tendency to wreak negative havoc on your mind. You'll hope they call and want to get back with you. That's not happening. Don't reminisce on "what could've been," by listening to old school tracks like Love TKO by Teddy Pendergrass and other artists like Curtis Mayfield and Eric Benet. Turn that music off, give the Lord Jesus Christ HIS praise and thanks, and ask God to send you a special someone by putting you on someone's mind deemed worthwhile to have as a soulmate. Forget the person you broke up with even existed.

    5. Stop overthinking and looking at walls - That's only going to make you more sad about your breakup. Get up, get out, and do something with your day that'll bring happiness and joy to your life. It's a new beginning for you to start over fresh with someone else. Don't look back; look to the future. All things are possible with God as your strength.