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5 Things #SingleMen or #SingleWomen Should Think About

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  • 5 Things #SingleMen or #SingleWomen Should Think About

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    Almost everyone feels the “dating newness” when meeting someone for the first time. It’s a silent inner excitement of having someone new intentionally in your life. And with the feelings of [dating newness], some people tend to do things thinking in the moment. It’s important for women and men thoroughly analyze thoughts in the moment because it might be something you’ll regret later down the road. Whether it’s a negative or positive experience after meeting someone new, it’s definitely a lesson learned and more experience to put on your life resume.

    If you’re one of those people who’ve done things in the moment in the past without thoroughly thinking, consider the lesson learned a good experience even if the outcome was negative. Every date or relationship experience gives you something to think about and work on in becoming a better person. Share this post on your favorite social network if you agree that every new date or relationship experience helps you become a better person directly or indirectly.

    Here’s a quick shortlist of five things single ladies and gentlemen should consider after meeting someone new:
    1. If you decide to get personal with someone and spend time with them, get to know a little something something about them first before going further in terms of bringing him back to a hotel room or your residence. It may or may not be a good idea dependent on how you feel to bring someone back to your personal living quarters the moment you meet them, because they may not be the ideal person you thought in the beginning. You don’t want them coming back unexpectedly where you live later on.
    2. Ask she or he if they have a Facebook or LinkedIn page. It’s a good idea to also know the person on a professional level in terms of work ethic and professional look. You don’t want to date a slouch unless you’re looking for a one time deal “one-time deals are not spiritually good for you.”
    3. Throw something at the person verbally that’s negative to see their reaction. Do this on purpose. This is a good way to see a person’s true colors before deeply engaging with him or her. Again, do this immediately right off the bat and make sure you do it on purpose. When you’re doing this on purpose act like you have good intentions. Most importantly, play cool. Have a smile on your face or laugh it off. If you feel the person getting a little too stern-serious before she or he gets the first kiss out of, that’s your virtual “out.” If the person shows you their true colors upfront and you choose to go further with them, it pretty much means you settle for less. And if you settle for less after seeing the true colors, expect more negativity down the road further in the relationship. It’s a good idea to take the “virtual out,” so you can justify smoothly breaking away from the person.
    4. Never have wads of money in your pocket or large amounts of jewelry on. This goes for women and men. When you’re meeting someone for the first time or just getting to know them it’s not a good idea to have large sums of cash or you. Though you may start to feel comfortable with the person, there is a possible chance you may get robbed one way or another. Who’s to say the person you’re trying to get with is it playing it off just so they can dig in your pockets? Be careful who you court and flash money and jewelry around.
    5. If you and the person you met engage in intimacy, be sure to protect yourself. People are human and intimacy happens on many occasions on the first date or after a few dates. Many people walk around looking healthy and quietly harbor the HIV virus. Have protection with you at all times.
    Now that this post gave you something to think about, it’ll hopefully help you become a better person after gaining experience in past relationships. Strive for excellence to get organized on all fronts and refuse to go back to the past after parting ways in a failed relationship. Settling for sloppy seconds says much silently about anyone's character. It’s sometimes good to test a person upfront mentally and physically before going further. It is good to do that because regarding your heart and not putting your feelings on the front line. It’s also good to do because it helps you make wiser choices in who you decide to date and engage in physical relations with.

    'Proceed With Caution'

    If you think a person a shady break away from them instantly. Never bring the person back to your house you just met and don’t know from a can of paint, because she or he can set you up to be robbed for almost everything you have. Most importantly, to every positive and negative relationship, stay humble and never give up and forward in the uncertain game called life.