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5 Smooth Ways to Ignore Your Ex on #Facebook and The Real World

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  • 5 Smooth Ways to Ignore Your Ex on #Facebook and The Real World

    #How to #staycool after a #relationship #breakup and #moveforward -

    Going through a breakup is never nice. Feelings are involved in the moment. Female or male, no one feels good to part ways and know someone else might come along and turn your ex into their soulmate. Unless the person you broke up with either deserved it or just was not a good fit for you for whatever reason, just know it's not the end of the world, as the sea is abundantly contained with "worthwhile fish."

    Have you ever wondered after a breakup if your ex secretly checks to see how you're doing in life from time to time either through other people off-line or secretly knowing your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile? Chances are they check on you in secrecy. A majority of people have a tendency to keep quiet tabs on their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend after the breakup. In some cases, 10 to 20 years later. Yes, some people actually do go to great lengths quietly and see how their ex partner is progressing one to two decades later.

    Do you have a profile on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn is a photo of yourself? Is your complete name on your social media profile? If the answer is yes to one or both of these questions chances are your ex knows how to contact you on the World Wide Web. Either they punched her name into one of those social networking sites or performed a Google search.
    Don't be surprised after you update your photo and social profile information with a better looking image of yourself and educational credentials that your ex may secretly be scoping you out and possibly contact you when least expected. It happens in most cases. In fact, Facebook recently discussed a new tool their dabbling with in relation to managing ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend's on Facebook profiles.

    5 Ways to 'Play Cool' in the Real World and Social Media

    1. Keep quiet and play cool. If you receive a message or a friend request from an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, it's your judgment call whether you want to accept or reject. Most people tend to reject friend requests from their exes because they've moved on with life and matured. And most importantly, they probably found someone else as a soulmate and either in the process of marriage or already married.

    2. If your emotions rising in the moment after seeing a message or friend request from an ex and can't help but to say something, ask them a question somewhere in the ballpark of "do I know you?" If so, "where do I know you from?" If they reply with a long message, ignore them quietly keep it moving. The long message may possibly be an indicator that she or he has plans to get back together with you and pick up where they left off. If the relationship didn't work the first time around, what makes you think it'll work the second or third? Especially if 10 to 20 years has gone by? Think about it. Is it really worth accepting their friend request or speaking to them?

    3. If your ex dumped you because you were not where you were supposed to be in life at the time financially and they come to your social media profile years later sending a message and friend request, ignore them again. Chances are they're one of millions of people only concerned about what a person has and not the content of their character or heart. Their most likely one of those people that are just with you for money and whatever else they can get out of you and found out in secrecy "you're doing good." Avoid emotional disaster and do not accept their friend request nor speak.

    4. Keep your social media profile updated with pleasing photos. Create a photo album dedicated to latest photos of yourself dressed in business and casual attire. Get creative and take additional photos of yourself in fitness attire and sometimes ask for opinions of others on your photos from your Facebook friend list or Twitter followers. If your ex is secretly checking out your photo albums "if you have them publicly enabled for review," this will drive them crazy in terms of running their nerves up the wall if they're trying to contact you and feel you're ignoring them while others are commenting positive things on your updated photos. Not only will updated photos on your Twitter or Facebook profile be pleasing for people to say very nice things about you in addition to building up self esteem in yourself, but it'll also deliver a quiet message to your ex that they messed up and they have no second chance of ever having you again.

    5. If your ex tries to contact you once social media and feel you're ignoring them and possibly sees you in public such as a store and tries to stand next to you while paying for your goods, do not turn your head to look at them whatsoever. Don't bother acknowledging them because it'll give them the energy to open up your mouth and say something. Even if you feel your ex standing next to you in the moment in a public place on purpose and a little too close to you so that you feel some kind of way to say something slick to them out of turn for being in your space in the moment, keep your mouth shut and keep moving. Chances are they're probably doing that on purpose in the moment so that they could strike up a way to have a conversation and reconnect with you. Things like this happen when an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend sees their ex dressed up in business attire driving a new car and doing better in life and they look to get back with them. Ignore your ex, maintain a smooth character, kindly keep it moving, and most importantly, feel good knowing "you're worth it to someone that will soon someday know your worth."

    Never settle for sloppy seconds or go back to the past after a breakup. Keep the faith and move forward at full strength knowing there's someone else out there better for you.