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#SideHustleMillionaire: 5 Easy Ways to Overcome Debt and #BoostCreditScore

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: 5 Easy Ways to Overcome Debt and #BoostCreditScore

    Fact: Almost everyone in the past and even today made enormous mistakes in their judgment with credit cards, loans, cash advances, etc. everyone makes financial mistakes, even the elite rich. Truth is, while your credit score may take a significant hit after exercising bad financial judgment, you can still bounce back years later with a nearly perfect or on the mark credit score. Below are a few helpful and easy tips how to get your credit rating back on track with "financial transformation."

    Here's a few helpful and thoughtful tips on reducing debt and overcoming a bad credit score:
    • Stop spending money you don't have. You probably one of many people who have an extensive line of credit and secret lines of credit your spouse or others don't know about. You probably have untapped lines of credit on used just in case something in enormously adverse happened. You're one of those people quick to take advantage of clearance sales without a solid plan in place how to earn your money back. If you have your daily needs, minimize spending all your wants and start thinking about your future. In other words, if you only bring home five cents every two weeks in your biweekly paycheck and your spending five dollars in credit on impulse items such as things you want and know it's going to take a good while to pay on that credit bill, you're better off not buying those dry goods or services at the time because it may temporarily put you in debt.
    • Start a side hustle. There is no form of guaranteed employment in today's world of uncertainty regardless if you have a bachelors degree, MBA Masters, Ed.D, or Ph.D post honorary doctorate degree. Or even a J.D. known as a "judicial law degree." You can still be wrongfully terminated from your job for a reason or no reason. And if your employer or coworker or coworkers don't like you because of religious reasons and so forth or because you just don't fit into company culture but your good employee by showing up and doing the job diligently, chances are you'll still be fired. This is why it's important to start a side hustle and doing something you love to do because on days that you don't make money working your passionate side hustle business, you'll still keep doing it not only when you're not making money, but that passion can also make you a future "side hustle millionaire." Side hustles end up earning more money than traditional employment and it also tests your inner ambition to see what you're made of as an entrepreneur and a side hustle millionaire in the making.
    • Stop being a hypocrite. You're one of those people that worry about what others think of you. You're worried about your rep, your image, your word and bond and how people receive you. This world is temporary and there's no need to fathom or entertain thoughts in longevity about pleasing people. There is no profit in trying to please people because of flesh fails and people will always switch up on you. The moment you stop being a hypocrite is the moment you will overcome personal debt and achieve more than possibly boosting your credit score.
    • Think before you spend. Is the product or service I'm purchasing have the ability to put me in a future position to benefit from it as residual income and help me overcome debt? Truth is, if you feel the need to spend money on something and you have a desire to overcome personal debt and boost your credit score, you're better off visiting your local thrift store or searching online for products and services you feel you can purchase at a price and sell as a successful markup to earn income. Buying and selling is a great way to start aside hustle business and overcome personal debt. And the beauty of it is, you can buy and sell online from the comfort of your home and work your buying and selling business on the Internet in your spare time. As your side hustle buying and selling business grows online and you're spending money on products and services you sell for markup, you can use your profits from your online sales to pay credit card debt, purchase more goods and services to resell for a markup, pay your home mortgage monthly note, pay your card out, and possibly still have more than enough money to put away in your bank account. Set small financial goals if it's nothing more than spending $100-$200 monthly or on goods and services you feel will be profitable reselling online at a market price you know you'll not only benefit from, but a markup price that'll help you pay personal debt and boost your credit score because now that you have secure stable monthly income coming in and you continue paying down debt consistently, banks and credit card companies will notice your consistent payment history and will most likely report consistent monthly payments, resulting in a positive and significant boost in your credit score. Lastly, if you must spend money, don't go out there blowing your line of credit on buying things like Michael Jordan sneakers, expensive cars you know you don't need when you're living in your mom's basement, pay monthly subscription fees for online dating sites where you're not getting any dates that all, etc.

    This is a new year for making healthy changes spiritually and financially. It's long overdue for you to stop being a hypocrite about things in your life you come up short on and get use to turbulence again. Turbulence consists of going through difficult mental, physical, financial and spiritual changes to better oneself. Hypocrite season is over. The time is now to take control of your life and achieve more than boosting your credit score.