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#SuccessInBusiness: Making Good from a Negative #OnlineReview

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  • #SuccessInBusiness: Making Good from a Negative #OnlineReview

    #onlinereviews #impact #onlinebusiness for #better or #worse; can you #transform a #negativereview into #repeat #business to your #blog or #website?

    When haters hate and attack, counterattack that. Not with physical violence, but complex intelligence. Show adversity your humble and intellectual defense is relentless. There's a way to handle everything without coming out of character.

    Forbes has an interesting article discussing "how to handle haters online." The article pretty much goes into detail how to handle people who give negative reviews on the Internet about you or your website. Make no mistake as positive as you can be as an entrepreneur or an everyday person moving forward in your life transformation, someone somewhere hiding in the wood works is always going to hate on you and the good things you're striving for excellence to achieve. There's no way of moving forward faithfully in life without dealing with haters.

    If you own a blog or website and have received a negative review online, don't sweat the small potatoes. While it may be a negative review about you and your online business, look at it in a positive way as them using their energy to indirectly promote you in a positive way. The person or company who is allegedly speaking negatively about you are not only advertising your online presence, but also, driving traffic to your website. A person or company that speaks negatively about you gives you the grand opportunity to maintain a positive character despite what spews out of their mouth adversely. When people see you, the humble entrepreneur, maintaining a positive attitude and character while someone is attacking you and your business, they see you have control of the situation. This can also be an indirect promotional vehicle towards getting more customers and increasing revenue for your Internet business, when you show people you maintain an upbeat and positive character despite what anyone says badly about your business.

    If someone has something negative directly to say on your blog or website in writing a review, always thank them for their time contributing what they've shared. They made the conscious effort to vocalize it online. Again, this gives you, the humble online entrepreneur, the grand opportunity to show that humility, true transformation, and character in using mind over matter can turn a negative online review into increased online advertising revenue. Additionally, when you shall you have a positive character in turning a negative online review into something good by not reacting in an adverse way haters expect you to, people from across the Internet that stumble upon your site will help you increase your "side hustle millionaire" revenue potential by sharing your content on their social networking profiles like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social networks. This will help you save thousands of dollars on paid online advertising services, allowing you to capitalize upon the energy of other people indirectly advertising your site while making more money off the internet, putting you closer to being a future [side hustle millionaire].

    When people write a negative online review about your business, you have impacted their minds. It means you are doing something right, at least most of the time. Do not respond to any hater in a negative fashion. Always be positive online and continue moving forward at full strength. Do the transformation work as an entrepreneur and maintain positive character traits always. This will keep you and your online business in a positive light for people to continually respect and come back to your site repeatedly give you their business. Don't give up when it seems like people are coming against you online and trying to tear you down. This is when you need to think strategically and most importantly, maintain quality relationships with everyone that comes to your site.



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