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#SideHustleMillionaire: Stop Letting Your Full Time Day Job Claim You as a #YesMan

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Stop Letting Your Full Time Day Job Claim You as a #YesMan

    Narcissist employers get a kick out of knowing they can control the minds of most employees. Sometimes, employees are mistreated in secrecy by employers who think they can get away with not giving employees due respect. Most employers think employees are nothing more than yes women or yes men who will do absolutely anything to keep their job. Those types of employers or absolutely brainwashed by their evil master Satan, because not only are there other places to work which employers pay more money and treat employees with due respect, but there's also the awesome power of the internet where anyone can start a future million dollar side hustle blogging business. It pays to tell your employer or Human Resources generalist “no” to their face not just to get a reaction, but let them know direct face to face that you’re not playing with them and “I value myself over the job.”

    Believe it or not, you can use adversity in the workplace you experience from your money-hungry, greedy employer and transform that negative energy into something positive by starting an online business blog and building it from the ground floor up with content, with the intent of becoming a future side hustle millionaire. If you work a full-time job or a part-time job whereas you feel you don't have growth potential, it's time to get into the new and healthy mindset of balancing your job with allotting a certain time outside of your traditional employment to work on your blogging side hustle. If you work on your side hustle blog for two to three years consistently at least 6 days a week, you will be in the potential position to quit your job and earn enough money whereas your employer will lose out on huge corporate profits. Wouldn't you love that? Your employer would be baffled to know you became a millionaire after they treated you sideways when you used to work for them.

    This article is for people who've been putting off the idea of starting their own online business because their daytime employer has them in a temporary employment bind. Sometimes, a person can feel overwhelmed by working a regular job, balancing family and life, and striving to keep the rent or mortgage paid with food on the table. This alone can take up all of a person's time. The beauty of the side hustle is knowing you can work on a freelance project that has no virtual guarantees financially, but still work on a side hustle blogging project as a passionate labor of love. If you do something you love doing and though you’re not making money at the infancy of your business building stage but yet keep going with building your side hustle while not earning one red cent for the moment, you’ll eventually become a side hustle millionaire when least expected. Consistency is key and using adversity to your positive advantage will surely make you a millionaire, while your former or current employer gets the cheap seats and spectates your new side hustle millionaire status. Don’t be surprised if they employer you work for or used to work for finds out in secret you became an online millionaire and tries to contact you.

    Everyone has something to talk about. With that said, you can command sales to lead its way into your blog and bank account by creating quality content for your blog and posting at least 6 days a week, whereas your blog is slowly building up traction in search engines and earning yourself free search engine visitors. Blogging as a side hustle has the great potential of making money online 24 hours a day that can bring you in more income than your day job in two to three years time, but it can also make you a side hustle millionaire. Side hustle millionaires have all started from the bottom as people wondered how they reach their way to the top and earning millions of dollars online.

    They became side hustle millionaires because they believe in themselves and did the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation. Whether they had a full-time job, no job, or had to deal with being labeled as a yes woman or yes man on a job by an evil employer, they believed in their ability to build the side hustle they now consider a full-time business and transition from small potatoes to a side hustle millionaire. People who doubt you when you're low and an employee always come running back or try to find a way to contact you when they find out you're doing good and you now make more money than them. Facts!