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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: #BloggingMillionaire Success of Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of

    Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is the iconic example of true side hustle entrepreneurship. Before gaining notoriety as a million-dollar side hustle blogger, she was an everyday person like the average American graduating with a master's degree (MBA) in finance and accrued high personal debt. Though her life is a virtual everyday vacation today with her blog earning her over $1.5 million dollars annually, she worked a regular cushy job where as her employment wasn't fulfilling to her. Michelle started her blog in 2011 as a hobby and knew nothing about making money online nor how to start a blogging side hustle.

    After reading a few articles online about blogging and searching for ways to supplement her existing income buy blogging and selling stuff online, Schroeder-Gardner decided to try her hand at starting a blog about her daily life going to work and personal finance, unsure which way the wind was going to blow for her future blogging career. Lo and behold, after learning how to search engines like Bing, Google and YaHoO! reward blogs and websites with free search engine traffic by the amount of content they post to their sites daily, she decided to amp up her content marketing efforts to see if she could make money online.

    Not only did she earn her first $100 check in 2011 six months after she launched her blog, but it was enough motivation for her to earn a can of beans in the beginning as a “side hustle blogger,” to take the leap into the abyss of becoming a side hustle blogging millionaire less than 5 years later after launching her blog. She's been featured on sites like,,,,, and many more. Her blog helps people make better financial decisions, encourages people to take affiliate marketing seriously as a side hustle by starting their own independent blogs with the intent on becoming side hustle millionaires and working for themselves as freelance online affiliate marketers and side hustlers. Michelle earns a median monthly income of virtually in the ballpark of $170,000 to $250,000. She earns advertising income from Google AdSense, and marketing her own affiliate product which she manages her own affiliate program.

    Michelle earned side hustle millionaire status and respect as one of today's leading millionaire affiliate marketing and blogging side hustlers dedicated to helping others prosper online. She proves to others that you need no previous experience in blogging and online marketing to earn your first 1 million dollars on the internet. Starting a blog or a business online requires no previous experience nor an employment resume. You don't need to get dressed up to go to a job interview nor a reference check. In fact, you don't even need references. Read Michelle blog for inspiration and free affiliate marketing, blogging, and side hustle internet marketing education for more information how to start your own online venture and prosper just like her.

    As an unwritten rule for online marketing success, you will need the mindset of consistency. You'll also need the shell out a few dollars in the beginning to purchase your own domain name and dedicated web hosting, and install WordPress on your dedicated web server after acquiring your dedicated web hosting package. The reason for acquiring your own server and having a self-hosted WordPress installation on your server is so you have complete administrative functionality over the look and feel of your self hosted WordPress blog. You cannot start and million-dollar side hustle blog on free blogging platforms such as Reason being is because if there's anyone that has it in for you such as a former employer, jealous family member, phony friend, or someone you used to date that finds out you're trying to build a business and earn a million dollars, anyone can object to your blog and your content for no reason even if you're doing nothing wrong and rally to have your blog deleted without notice. This is why you need to put out a few dollars in the beginning to purchase your own domain name which is your online real estate and Reserve dedicated web hosting so you can have complete 100% control over your WordPress blog and it won't be deleted. this will give you a piece of mind after reserving your domain name and dedicated web hosting knowing you can safely build a future million-dollar side hustle blog fresh from scratch without anyone trying to mess you up.

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    Are you sick and tired of working for an unthankful employer who allegedly steals money from you and secretly dishes unfair employee treatment toward you because you claimed religion on the job or you don't fit into the company culture? Are you sick and tired of feeling like a yes woman or a yes man working for the company that doesn't give two cents about you? It's time to dabble with side hustle entrepreneurship. Bookmark this thread for future reference and share this page on your favorite social networks with everyone you know so they too can be inspired to make the leap of faith from employee to future side hustle millionaire like Michelle achieved.