Looking to get a second job and work part-time for extra money? Currently unemployed? Unhappy at your current day job and looking to make a healthy career change? Fret no more. Although gone are the days of job security and working toward achieving a healthy retirement, just know contributing money and building up your future pension strength has virtually disappeared. But that's not to say there is an opportunity to build a secondary stable source of income. This is where the beauty of the side hustle comes in. Good news is, you don't have to go out and look for a physical second job when it comes to online side hustles.

An online side hustle is the process of starting a blog or website and advertising products and services for sale on it. When people click on an advertisement on your blog and make a purchase, you earn what's called and affiliate commission. The ads on your blog or website are sponsored by a merchant you choose to partner with that's relevant to the content of your site. This is one of many ways people use the awesome power of the internet to put themselves in the positive position of potentially making money online 24 hours a day. That's right. 24 hours a day even while you're sleeping. Side hustles put people in the position that put forth genuine effort and create quality content on blogs and websites to earn healthy income 2 to 3 years after starting their side hustle blogs and websites. Many people today quietly run an online side hustle and achieved side hustle millionaire status. They are average, everyday people just like yourself who started out either wrongfully terminated from their job, unemployed, homeless, living at home with their parents, falsely accused, slandered, bad mouthed by a narcissist employer, so on and so forth. They started their business side hustle online out of inspiration or desperation and did the transformation business work, by taking a leap of faith into side hustle internet entrepreneurship.

You can replicate the actions of side hustle millionaires by believing in yourself and getting started now. Truthfully, you can start your side hustle online with less than $100. The first step you want to take is acquiring your own domain name. You can purchase a domain name for virtually pennies on the dollar by visiting sites like hostgator.com, godaddy.com, namecheap.com, fatcow.com, and perform a search in your favorite search engine for more information on affordable domain name and web hosting companies by searching Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com. The best investment you can make in your side hustle is having a consistent and determined mindset by creating lots and lots of quality content. Content is king on the internet and indexed by search engines 24 hours a day. The more quality content you write and publish to your blog website, the more search engine spiders will feel compelled to stop by and index your content in search engine results pages, possibly ranking you higher than your competitors in your blog or website niche topic. Ranking higher than your competitors in natural search engine listings will help you get more traffic and “sales” in the long run. This is something you definitely want if you have the intention of turning your side hustle into a million-dollar business operation and making money online 24 hours a day.

Believe it or not, most people today who became side hustle millionaires started out from humble beginnings. Some were heavily in personal debt, working numerous odd jobs, slept on a friend's couch or shacked up with family members, and not a penny to their life savings. They believed in themselves and use the side hustle to build themselves up. Becoming a side hustle millionaire is achievable by anyone. It's not achieved by online ponzi schemes or Nigerian scams. It's not achieved by being lazy and doing a one-click push button automation operation. You have to work like everyone else building a business from scratch. So you can hang in there for 2 the 3 years as your entrepreneurial test to see if you truly have the business muscle for the hustle to achieve “side hustle millionaire status.” This line of work is not for little girls and little boys. Hustling on the internet as an entrepreneur will make or break you. Which pill will you choose to swallow?

Five inspiring side hustle articles for your entrepreneurial inspiration:

1.Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of making sense of cents started her blog in 2011 as a hobby although on the real side of things, she had personal debt accrued up to $40,000 from her student loans she claims. Michelle wrote full-length blog posts consistently for 2 years until she finally quit her day job in 2013. Schroeder-Gardner never intended for the blog to be a full-time money maker because when she started her million dollar side hustle blog from humble beginnings, she didn't have a clue how to make money online. In fact, Michelle just wanted to make it a hobby. Without knowing anything about building a side hustle blog from $0 to earning millions of dollars full time, she quit her day job in 2013 that possibly netted her an annual salary of roughly in the ballpark of $50,000. Not bad for someone who knew nothing about blogging and turned it into a full-time moneymaker in two years time.

She earned her first $100 from affiliate marketing 6 months after she started her blog. She claims in the summer of 2012 just a year after she started blogging, she was roughly earning $1,000 a month. The following year she was making 10 times that while she held down a full-time day job. And Michelle relies on affiliate marketing to bring in her side hustle income. Truly, she has earned her side hustle millionaire status and continues to give back by helping people make money online by sharing useful information in her blog posts. Michelle doesn't come from a wealthy family nor benefited from any type of secret inheritance. She's an average everyday person like yourself. Michelle did the transformation business work out of sheer inspiration and believe in her ability to turn her blog originally intended as a hobby into a million-dollar online business it is today. Since experiencing million-dollar side hustle success, Michelle has been featured on sites such a CNBC, MarketWatch, NASDAQ, Reuters, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wrcb-tv, NerdWallet, Business Insider, Inc., Wsym TV, womansday.com, Money Magazine, moneytalksnews, go banking rates, wise bread, U.S. News & World Report, Huffington Post, Infomoney, Kiplinger personal finance, Time magazine, Credit.com, and Investopedia.

Michelle believed she could pull all of this off of putting positive thoughts in action and putting her blogging hustle to work at full strength. She never intended for her blog to make money but yet became a side hustle blogging millionaire. If she can do it so can you.

2. USAToday.com has an interesting story on Mindy Sepeti. The college dropout from the University of Texas played hooky during classes. Sadly, Mindy didn't see the need for education on the college level enough to graduate with her bachelor's degree. She decided to switch careers into her cake baking side hustle and decided to take that seriously in terms of turning it into a full-time venture. According to the USA Today article, she attended pastry School upon her manager's recommendation. Though she didn't graduate from college, she graduated from pastry school in 2011 says USA Today. Before launching side hustle and transitioning into a full-time business, she garnered experience by working for someone else and practicing her side hustle by selling cookies she baked herself as a part-time side business project.

A good thing to know is Mindy believed in herself enough to take the cookie and the pastry making side hustle to the next level. Little does she know that she inspired people she doesn't even know from all walks of life to follow her successful leave and consider taking a risk and themselves and turning their creative entrepreneur old dreams into a virtual reality and make a sign hustle business come in to fruition. She didn't believe in working 20 to 30 years for someone else as she only use the experience from her past employment she keep money in her pocket and enough to live on while she built her side hustle. Once she met her husband in 2012 according to USAToday.com article, they kept their jobs for two years while selling pastry treats as a side hustle. They finally got things off the ground 3 years after they met and decided to setup their bakery business as home. This goes to show that having a home-based business is the transformation business solution. Mindy encourages entrepreneurs to take risks, set dates to leave the daytime employment scene, and establish your company's identity legally while building your online brand. If you want to be as successful as Mindy, you have to start your side hustle in the most uncertain time of your life. You can't wait until things are right because problems arise in everyone's lives spontaneously. That said, starting a side hustle online in the most challenging time of your life helps you to have a greater respect for life and a sincere appreciation for your side hustle future business success. When you achieve “side hustle millionaire” status, you will have such a powerful testimony to aspiring entrepreneurs and day jobbers that they too can make the successful jump from employee to entrepreneur and walk away from their narcissist employer forever with the intention of becoming and online millionaire for life.

3. Starting a side house while you're in college is a good idea. Michael Dell did it back in the early 1980s and started the Dell computer corporation out of his college dorm room as a side hustle. Dell's side hustle was strictly geared to fixing used to computers of fellow college students. He grew is business at the time strictly by word of mouth among students. In fact, Michael had no idea that this would be his primary business someday and achieve side hustle billionaire status. He went from computer fixing side hustling as a college student and doing the transformation business work to starting a billion dollar corporation and doing business with the U.S. government and selling his computers to people across the world. All off of putting his entrepreneurial creativity and visionary mindset in action and moving forward at full strength, by doing the transformation work out of inspiration or desperation.

Starting a side hustle in college is a good idea. It virtually ensures a cushion to fall back on, should you lose your job working for someone else. Most importantly, having a side hustle where the you're in college or not gives you much to look forward to. It helps you look to the future knowing you're striving for excellence with no delay to get organized and better yourself across the board through side hustle entrepreneurship, with the intention of becoming a side hustle millionaire.

CBS News has an interesting story about college side hustle. One good thing about college students dedicated to starting a side hustle and making money while in college is burning money to pay tuition and tuition related cost. The side hustle motivated student operate also help them to pay for almost things like rent, avoid asking parents for money, building a million-dollar business before graduation, and the ability to finance themselves as a million-dollar entrepreneur in the making. CBS News article about side hustling in College talks about a site dedicated to helping students get paid in cash for good grades called Studysoup.com The site, according to the CBS article, “courts good student to take notes in their classes -- something a good student is likely going to be doing anyway -- and promises to pay between $25 and $50 for each upload.” The CBS News article goes on to mention that students can possibly expect to earn money between $300 to $600 per class. And there's another say called NexusNotes.com that helps put money in students pockets. It works almost the same way as studysoup, but allows you to sell your notes to student through the platform, according to the CBS News article. That sounds a little bit like helping fellow students sheet, doesn't it? Going forward, Nexus note, according to the CBS News article, “takes 50% of the proceeds as it take. Since notes are typically listed for $35, that means you can make $17.50 for every person who uploads your notes.” (CBS News) that may help students earn some money as a side hustle while working numerous gigs or jobs through college. One last site students can look forward to earning potential side hustle income from is OneClass com. Is short of works like studysoup and Nexus notes, but students earn credits instead of money. You can learn more about one class by visiting SideHusl.com. Side Hisl Is 100% committed to everything about the side hustle and offers free inspiration to expiring and current entrepreneurs looking to maximize their potential of making more money online.

Are you a college student struggling to graduate and in debt? Are you currently a college student looking to make a healthy career change? Are you a college student currently working for a narcissist employer who doesn't pay commission and secretly Rob's your paycheck? If the answer is yes to one or all of the post questions above, it's time to get that side hustle going. For additional inspiration about side hustle, you can have visit the following sites:
  • Makingsenseofsense.com
  • MarieForleo.com
  • SideHustleNation.com
  • CreateandGo.com
  • BloggingfromParadise.com
  • EvanCarmichael.com
  • SmartBlogger.com
  • MillennialMoney.com

4. Rachl Mansfield was mentioned as an aspiring blogger on NBCNews.com after she she was terminated. The reason why she got fired from her job because her side hustle and Instagram account was a conflict of interest with the food and beverage company she was working for at the time. Mansfield refused to give up her side hustle and was terminated. Undaunted by the fact that she got fired side hustle project, she did the transformation work and continued moving forward with her food blogging and IG account. The beauty of her termination was that she used negativity and combined it with positive thinking to transform herself into a near future side hustle millionaire. The NBC News article is dated April 30, 2018, according to the article from NBC News, she was “laid off unexpectedly two years ago from a role at a food and beverage company.”

Mansfield literally had a panic attack according to the NBC article after she got fired. She didn’t know what she was going to do in terms of finding the next form of employment. She had an internal huddle with her parents and companion to re-strategize her employment journey. She recently got married at the time according to the article and was living in New York City unemployed. No one can make it in New York without a job living on a weekly unemployment check. This was truly a test of her faith during her moment of temporary unemployment to see if she truly had the business muscle for the hustle to take her million-dollar side hustle to the next level and to the public 9th step. She built her brand out of her apartment in Manhattan day by day, according to the NBC article. She set small goals which were realistic and attainable and never gave up doing the transformation business work.

She admits in so many words that building her brand from humble beginnings as a side hustle was very painstaking, but worth every moment of time invested. It literally took her two years to get her brand fully off of the ground. She does mention while she was working a regular daytime job, she was virtually bringing home around $50,000 annually, which most people would’ve settled for less and stayed on the job working for that kind of money. Mansfield says six months after she was terminated, she doubled her salary. That’s sheer inspiration to affiliate marketers, bloggers, content marketers, and side hustlers knowing that the profit potential online is unlimited. She also inspires people to believe that if you invest your creativity, effort, and quality time into the online side hustle, it can work out for you just like it did for her. Side hustle millionaire status is attainable by anyone who believes in themselves and does the transformation business work by proving who has the true business muscle for the hustle. You can read more about Rachl’s side hustle transformation success story here on NBC News.

5. This inspiring side hustle business transformation success story on CNBC.com is beyond inspiring. The former forklift driver was uncertain of the career path he wanted for his life. He ended up starting a blog as a side hustle. This guy was once broke and struggling. Less than 10 years ago, Abraham Piper is noted in the CNBC article to be an “accidental entrepreneur.” He ended up finishing late graduating from college 11 years after starting his higher educational journey. He worked in a mailing warehouse according to the CNBC article, and additional odd jobs such as desk work, working for a friend, and still had an uncertain future in employment. Refusing to bow to employment defeat, CNBC article says he used WordPress as a free publishing tool to launch his blog 22 words. He used creativity and content marketing as a means of organically building his blog visibility in search engine results pages. It took him some time to do the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation. He managed to create so much content for the blog he earned millions of monthly blog readers, resulting in a single method can’t financial boost of his life savings. He went from struggling to becoming a side hustle millionaire. He proved to himself and others who has the true business muscle for the hustle.


All good things are worth going the extra mile and working hard for. In today's age of Information Technology and uncertainty of employment, it leaves millions of people across the world with no choice but to seek a stable secondary source of supplemental income. This is where the beauty of the side hustle comes in. If you felt your back virtually pushed against the wall and pressured to give it your all and digging your way out of employment uncertainty, would you use your creativity and the power of the internet to start an online side hustle and try your hand at affiliate marketing and blogging? Marketing affiliate programs on your blog is the easiest way to get started because all that's required is lots and lots of content. It's virtually a piece of cake to create content on the fly by using the speech recognition function on your smartphone where as you can use the power of your voice to make words appear in a blank Microsoft Word document, which you can then copy and paste into a blog post and publish as content indexable by search engines.

If you have creativity, a willing mind to play the game of patience and build your side hustle online business from scratch and stay the course in your online business transformation, you can achieve side hustle millionaire status. Don't start a business online because you're starting your own business. Start your own business online because it's something you really want to do and you're passionate about. Starting a business with passion will help you continually move forward online on days when you don't learn one dime from marketing affiliate programs as advertisements on your blog. If you truly love what you do, you won't see it as work although you are doing work. Hopefully you are inspired by the side hustle article links and will consider working online as your sole source of employment.

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