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#SideHustleMillionaire: 5 Quick Reasons to be Thankful Your Narcissist Employer Secretly Terminated You

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: 5 Quick Reasons to be Thankful Your Narcissist Employer Secretly Terminated You

    GOD knows everything and the wicked deeds done will be brought to light on the day of Pentecost!

    #Employers who get #targeted #employees #fired made them a #future #millionaire #after starting their own #sidehustle & making the #transformation #successfully into a #sidehustlemillionaire. #Termination is an #opportunity to #start a #business and turn your j#journey as an #aspiring #entrepreneur into a #living #testimony for #other #entrepreneurs in the #making. -

    Recently been separated from the company you worked for and brought in thousands of dollars in sales and terminated with much secrecy what the true reason was? The narcissist employer you once worked for is a greedy demon filled individual. They seek to destroy what you're about and you refused to give them power over you and allow them to get the reaction they looked for. Out of frustration toward you and hating you for claiming religion on the job and refusing to accept their nonsense and disparate treatment toward you, they finally conspired with some fellow employees in secrecy along with the H.R. generalist as an accomplice for your termination. Little do they know getting you fired and the things they continue to try to do in secrecy long after you've been wrongfully terminated is quietly turning around and moving in your favor for victory.

    When your former narcissist employer does things in secrecy, whatever it is, never react. No matter what it is. The best reaction is no reaction. And no reaction gives imps no fuel to amp their demonic energy levels. In fact, use the negativity your narcissist former employer dished to you and build that side hustle future million dollar business. Those who conspired in jealousy and hatred on the job for your wrongful termination doesn't want to deal with the fact that you're a millionaire in the near future. They want to hear and see you struggling, driving a jaloppy vehicle or had your current vehicle repossessed, or fired from future jobs.

    Five reasons why you should jump for joy after Human Resources generalist, some co-workers, the acting store manager (s) and the head store manager conspired for your termination:

    1. They spiritually robbed themselves of blessings. They think they robbed you of your job and a future to grow with the company. GOD has the power to take their blessings and give them to you in their face and there's nothing they can do about it except sit back and spectate how good you're doing without them.
    2. They allowed you to concentrate solely on your side hustle million dollar venture in the making while they continue rejoicing that you're fired from the company. Your side hustle venture building allows you by GOD's permission to re-strategize your thinking and build an independent future from working a cushy and unsecure traditional form of daytime employment that has no "pension strength."
    3. You have power over those who conspired against you because GOD's love, mercy, and protection helped you break free successfully out of the toxic, narcissistic workplace that wanted to do you in.
    4. Claiming The LORD Jesus Christ as GOD almighty shamelessly in before people sets you up for passive and residual blessings in every positive shape and form.
    5. Moving on and achieving success is the sweetest revenge. Stay humble while building your side hustle million dollar business and transitioning into a future side hustle millionaire. It's easy to get big-headed after getting rejected and terminated and showing off, but you have to remember pride will cause you to experience a downfall. Your former narcissist employer will fall for plotting on you. Leave revenge up to GOD.

    The LORD will repay those who've done you wrong. While the narcissist and imp accomplices who helped the narcissist employer get over on you will all be held accountable. If you're contacted by the company or narcissist is any way, ignore all messages and never fathom the thought of responding. They're trying to come up with a reason to build another case against you wrongfully and discover ways to "finish you off." Zap their power through prayer, fasting, exercise, doing cardio, and eat lots of salad.

    Don't eat raw Salmon because eating raw meat is not intended for human consumption. Don't be an alcoholic nor drink alcohol at all because your liver and heart will pay for it in your golden years of senior citizenship. Most importantly, document everything if your former employer or company contacts you for legal purposes. And never, ever have a reaction if they say or do something