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#AffiliateMarketing: Let the #Entrepreneur Out and #QuitYourDayJob

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  • #AffiliateMarketing: Let the #Entrepreneur Out and #QuitYourDayJob

    You probably heard so much about affiliate marketing by now that you have a general idea what it is. In case you have no clue or a little bit of an idea, affiliate marketing is a process of promoting and affiliate program-advertiser through banner advertisements on a blog or website with your unique affiliate ID code embedded in the ad. When a site visitor clicks the ad, a cookie is automatically placed on that person's desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone wherever they're viewing your site and the advertisement from. When they opt to purchase the product or service from that ad with your unique affiliate ID code embedded in it, you earn what's called an affiliate commission. This is the famous process known today as affiliate marketing. And if you don't know already, affiliate marketing made many people quiet online millionaires while they promote affiliate programs on blogs and websites from the comfort of their home. Affiliate marketing today continues to grow strong and predicted to reach 6.8 billion dollars annually by the year 2020, according to Paul Tibbitt, V.P. of Business Development at CJ affiliate in Santa Barbara, California.

    Not in affiliate marketing yet and wondering how you can get started? The first initial action step you need to take to get one step closer to being a successful affiliate marketer is get out of the day job mindset. Your cushy day job, whether you know it or not, is mentally holding you hostage. Your cushy employment doesn't want you to leave and wants to hold you hostage so they can continue getting rich off of your hard work without giving you a pay raise. When you take affiliate marketing seriously and perform the initial action steps toward becoming a full-time successful affiliate marketer, you distance yourself more more from your day job and break free mentally from thinking working a traditional 9 to 5 is the only way to earn a stable income. It does it matter today how many college degrees you have or the length of experience on your employment resume. That still won't promise you job security in today's world of uncertainty. Affiliate marketing has proven itself over and over again since the early 1990's to be a solid form of online job security, whereas people quietly achieve financial freedom through promoting affiliate programs on blogs and websites and quietly amassed millions of dollars in affiliate sales commissions to the point of never having to work a regular job again in life. This can be you if you change your mindset now, get started in affiliate marketing, and work strategically to war becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

    The second initial action step you need to take towards becoming a successful affiliate marketer and put yourself one step closer toward earning solid residual monthly income as an affiliate is to purchase your own domain name and dedicated web hosting. A domain name is your internet real estate where everyone knows you are. People will take you seriously when they see you have your own.com address. The cost for domain name should be no more than $20 annually. A reputable web hosting service and domain name company will help you get started with getting your domain name up and running and help you setup your dedicated web hosting as they have affordable prices. Having your own domain name and a dedicated web host package allows you to have complete functionality over the look, feel, and administrative functions of your blogger website. This is an absolute must for affiliate marketers looking to be taken seriously and looking to take affiliate marketing to the next level. If your goal is to be an affiliate marketing millionaire starting from the bottom and amassing millions of dollars from your blog or website for years to come, you definitely need to get started now with a domain name and dedicated web hosting so you can put your money where your mouth is and work slowly but surely on getting far away from your employer.

    Anyone with an internet connection and computer at home, anyone who owns a laptop or smartphone can easily get started in affiliate marketing. You need faith in this line of work to prosper. Truth is, you won't see decent profits from marketing affiliate programs on your blog or website for the first year or year-and-a-half. Reason being is because you need to build up the content of your site before you start generating sales as an affiliate. Be patient. Keep publishing content to your blog or website. Don't give up because this is a timely process. This line of work will test you to see what you're made of as an entrepreneur and will test your patience in longevity. Do not quit under any circumstances. There will be plenty of days where you don't learn one red Cent from promoting affiliate programs. Stay the course and keep writing lots and lots of content.

    When least expected, your site will start generating money from promoting affiliate programs on your site. Affiliate marketing millionaires today who built their sites from the ground floor up with content marketing alone started out as small potatoes. They're no different than you. Affiliate marketing will continue to earn billions of dollars online years to come. How much of that money do you want for yourself? Hopefully, this thread gave you something to think about in terms of taking your life to the next level financially, unleashing the true entrepreneur in you, and turning your dreams into reality. Affiliate marketing can work for you if you believe in yourself and do the transformation business work in proving to yourself and your naysayers who has the true business muscle for the hustle.



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