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#RealTalk: Removing Phony Facebook Friends and Family Members off Your Friends List

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  • #RealTalk: Removing Phony Facebook Friends and Family Members off Your Friends List

    Seek The LORD Jesus Christ for achieving transformation progress in the quest for righteousness.

    #Time to #clean your #friends #list on #Facebook and #delete your #narcissist #employer, #family, and #phony #friends / The #newyear is #here and time to #moveforward with #healthy #choices and #healthychanges and #positivethoughts -

    When it comes to Facebook friends, not every friend is your friend on the ever so popular social networking site. That goes for fake friends who hang around just because you have something they want, or phony family members. While Facebook is a wonderful networking social portal on the World Wide Web to reconnect with old classmates, make new friends, and build your business simultaneously by way of properly utilizing Facebook, there are so-called friends on the friends lists of many Facebook profile users who actually are two-faced "people who say and do two different things." In one breath, they support you and like you, and leave nice picture comments on your Facebook profile. In another breath, they speak against you and indirectly put you down, when you've never argued with them, nor had nothing negative to say at all about them, or directly to them. Why are people hating on another person's progress on Facebook for? Those kinds of Facebook friends need to be immediately deleted from the friends lists.

    Any social networking inner circle is supposed to be a group of like-minded, positive people. Agree?

    Making healthy changes in your life requires filtering out your Facebook friends list, and in some cases, those longtime fake acting family members that are on your list or co-workers and ex's need to be quietly deleted.

    Additionally, making healthy new year's changes on and off of Facebook consist of:
    • Seeking The Lord Jesus Christ for soul salvation
    • Getting a better job
    • Getting a pay raise
    • Losing weight
    • Getting back in shape
    • Finish writing a book
    • Striving to be an entrepreneur
    • Changing the content of your heart spiritually
    • Dressing better
    • Building more meaningful relationships with people that are worthwhile
    • Buying a new car
    • Purchasing your first home
    • Rebuilding broken relationships from the past
    • Building a brighter future for your children by way of starting your own business

    Some people today quietly discuss among themselves the removal of fake Facebook friends and phony acting family members who hold no spiritual value on their friends list. Some people allegedly friend request you on Facebook though they can't directly relate to you. Some people have experienced having so-called Facebook friends that support them, and in the same breath, speak indirectly against them without mentioning names.

    Those kind of people you need to let them fly like an eagle off of your Facebook friends list without hesitation of deleting them as a friend. People like that are most likely showing their true character and possible jealousy of your progress. It makes no sense for someone who is your friend on Facebook to speak against you when a person has done no wrong to the other.
    While it's possible to still be compassionate towards others online on any social network, its also possible to be friendly from a distance long after deleting them as a Facebook friend. Live, love, laugh, and continue to move forward faithfully in the new year. Life goes on.