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#FacebookforBusiness: Tips for Making a #FacebookFanpage Interesting

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  • #FacebookforBusiness: Tips for Making a #FacebookFanpage Interesting

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    Making a Facebook fanpage engaging involves taking personal time to build quality relationship with Facebook fans. People want to see more than just content being posted to the fanpage wall. In order to engage Facebook fans on a meaningful level, it's an unwritten rule to personally respond to some Facebook comments your fans leave. Responding to Facebook fans comments will not necessarily get the sale right away. What this does is open the door to building a positive meaningful relationship with that individual Facebook fan in hopes of them spreading the positive word-of-mouth about your Facebook business fan page and potentially getting you more Facebook fans, alongside possibly yielding some business.

    To make a Facebook fan page interesting requires creativity. It's the little things Facebook fan page owners say and do that can attract or drive away Facebook fans. The first thing any Facebook business fan page owner should focus on is the people. As mentioned, when you engage with people and positive conversation and share feedback, this shows you are human. Additionally, taking time to respond to people in Facebook comments also shows you have feelings. People tend to engage more with Facebook fan pages that not only post meaningful contents of the fan page wall, but also express feeling and emotion with their fans. This is one of many helpful tips and potentially making a Facebook fan page interesting.

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    If you're really looking to instantly increase Facebook fans and word-of-mouth, autoshare YouTube videos to your fan page wall, using free third-party application services. Auto sharing YouTube videos to your Facebook fan page wall will motivate people to share your video without asking them to on their Facebook profiles with family and friends. The goodness of auto sharing YouTube videos is that it increases your Facebook fans faster than traditional blog posts or website content and will keep people talking, even while you're sleeping. Upload videos frequently to your YouTube channel so you're free third-party content sharing service can automatically post to your fan page wall and get you more Facebook fans. This is a great method of using cost free advertising to increase awareness about your online business.

    People love to see pictures on Facebook fan page walls. It can be a picture of your favorite pet. Perhaps, a photo of healthy food you're eating for the day. Whatever it is "as long it is rated G," upload a photo to your fan page wall. From there, you can tag people in the photo to increase exposure of what you just shared. This is also a great way of making your Facebook fan page interesting while potentially getting more people to click "like" on your fan page.

    You can also generate an e-mail newsletter and send a mass email to your subscribers with a link to your fan page. In the body of the e-mail newsletter, you can make interesting quote. Or, simply straight out ask your email subscribers to like your fan page and spread the word-of-mouth with a link to your page to their family and friends online. Using this method is also a wonderful way of getting free advertising and not having to pay one dime for Google AdWords or Microsoft AdCenter PPC advertising.

    Using your personal creativity in a nontraditional way can also make your fan page interesting. In the beginning of trying to attract more likes and build a loyal audience, your content may possibly not be that appealing. If people are not clicking the like button right away or sharing your content posted to your Facebook fan page wall, keep going the extra mile in creating content and posting frequently to your fan page. Never give up even when it seems like no one is interested in what you post. Just know that Facebook fan pages are a wonderful way to get free advertising and potentially engage millions of Facebook fans. Success is not an overnight operation with Facebook marketing. Whatever you do, always creatively think outside of the box and have an open mind in learning new ways of using Facebook marketing to your fullest online marketing positive potential. In all you do, never throw in the towel and keep pushing.