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#SmallBusiness: The Iron-Clad Truth About Search Engine Optimization and The Business of Content Marketing

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  • #SmallBusiness: The Iron-Clad Truth About Search Engine Optimization and The Business of Content Marketing

    Driving traffic from your favorite social networks such as,,, and so on is possible for anyone starting from humble beginnings. The key to success in creating and publishing content to the World Wide Web is to write uniquely of your own thoughts and words and not plagiarize or scrape content from other sites. When you produce unique content of your own thinking and provide value to others through your published works online, not only do you get a better index by search engine crawlers in search engine results pages, but you also build yourself up as an expert in your niche. If you're looking to drive traffic daily to your blog or website, it's a good thing to write and publish unique content daily.

    SEO - What is it?

    Many people wonder what is "search engine optimization." While a majority of people think search engine optimization is a process of using complicated software to help a blog or website gain traction in search engine results pages of,, and YaHoO,com, "SEO" is a process of trying to rank for a specific phrase or keyword in your niche. And SEO basically is a process of producing unique content of yourself and serving other meaningfully with quality information. SEO is not about trying to outrank your competitor in Google and get to and stay on Google's page 1. Nooooooooo no. SEO is pretty much write to your heart's content. Your content will optimize itself for the search engines as long as you write of your own voice-character and stay consistent. SEO is not that hard to decipher. Don't let how the jargon sounds intimidate you.

    'SEO is Not Complicated'

    SEO doesn't require having special software or advanced technical expertise to have expert education in search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a process of sharing something valuable with others of your own thoughts and being natural with how you speak online. Search engine optimization is also part of your online personality. Over the course of time, people and companies get used to the way that you write. This is basically what you consider "organic search engine optimization," whereas you build up your search engine rankings based upon your unique online personality through your published works. To sum it up in a nutshell, you don't need to purchase expensive search engine optimization software to get good rankings in Google or Yahoo. Just be yourself when you're writing and publishing online and always write unique, because search engines spiders truly cross check across the web to see if what you have published to your blog or site is published elsewhere anywhere on the Internet. Believe the fact that search engines spiders will double and triple check over 1 billion places across the world online to see if the content you posted to your site is unique, as this is how search engine spiders judge your website and position you in "search engine results pages," dubbed "SERPs."

    When building a business on the Internet with unique content, please note that it is a timely process. You will not amass vast amounts of organic web traffic for at least a good year. Continue creating unique content and moving forward with building up your site with useful information in the form of blog posts, articles, streaming web video and web pages.

    Please note that unique content marketing also consists of sharing your content on your favorite social networks to increase exposure to your site. This is a great way of not only content marketing in a unique way, but also, building up the positive credibility of your online presence. Have patience in the process of building your web based business from scratch. If you put at least two years of dedicated effort into your site while holding down a day job and thinking positive, believing that you will succeed on the Internet with your web-based business, you will truly prosper when least expected.

    'A Process Requiring Much Patience'

    Succeeding on the Internet with a business and making money full-time is not a get rich quick scheme or overnight success operation. You must be willing to continually move forward with unique content creation and promotion of your site, even on days you don't make money. The most successful people in this business of online marketing earned only pennies when starting out.

    The key to success in starting and running a profitable and effective online business is have faith, keep going the extra mile, and keep doing the business work on days when you don't make money. When you move forward without earning one dime, that's the true test of your entrepreneurial ambition to see what you're truly made of.