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#QuitYourDayJob: It's Long Overdue for You to #StartABusiness - Stop Feeling Scared!

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  • #QuitYourDayJob: It's Long Overdue for You to #StartABusiness - Stop Feeling Scared!

    The only difference between you and billionaire Jeff Bezos of is "your mindset." If you believe and put forth effort, you too can achieve success like him or close.

    Jeff Bezos was the average American kid. He was adventurous growing up in a middle-class neighborhood and always thought "outside the box." He grew unhappy working for someone else, despite earning good money working on Wall Street in Manhattan. As a child, he had an entrepreneurial spirit and demonstrated it through concocting a homemade experiment in his parents garage. Little did Bezos know his childhood ambition would stay with him into adulthood and propel him to a new level in life never thought of. Jeff Bezos is no different than you.

    With much uncertainty back in the 1990s of how successful his business would be after leaving Wall Street, Jeff believed in himself so much that he never went back to his employer after quitting his day job. He left his job on Wall Street because the ideas and values he held close to his heart were not seen in the same light and valued by his employer. He possibly felt he had something to prove by striking it out on his own by launching

    Many people today stay on their day jobs because they're afraid to take risk and start their own businesses. If Jeff Bezos succeeded in starting his own business and is no different from you, why do you continue to stay on your cushy job and fearful that your entrepreneurial ideas won't yield you the same success or nearly the same success as Jeff? Are you afraid to leave your job because you've been there 15 or 20 years? It's long overdue for you to start your business now and eat those feelings of fear. The longer you wait the longer you put off your financial freedom and the possibility of living a financially healthy retirement.

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    Truth: Everyone has a spirit in them to succeed in life. Sometimes, some people get comfortable in their jobs that they don't want to take risk. Sometimes, some people do take risk and succeed based on their circumstances. And sometimes, others take risks at starting their own businesses because someone close to them such as a family member, coworker, or even someone they may not like succeeded after starting their business and they want to do the same thing the other person is doing.

    Another truth: If you decide to start blogging like Michelle Schroeder-Gardner did while holding down a job, be mindful to blog consistently like everyday or every other day in your side hustle journey to greatness. This way, you quietly command search engines like,, and to position you higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and send you more traffic, resulting in an increase online revenue earning potential and turning your blogging side hustle into your full-time business. Lastly, your writing "doesn't have to be perfect." No blogger or writer is 100% perfect in their blogging or online publications. Even if you write like a dog online but unique in your writing style of your own voice and give proper author attribution when necessary, you'll still get business to your blog.

    It's time for you to stop holding back from living your dreams. The worst thing that could happen is you start your own business and fail. Failure is good as it has valuable lessons. Failure is good because it brings out hidden qualities in you such as the spirit of refusing to quit when things get tough in life. Just because you fail at first after starting a business doesn't mean you'll never be successful in entrepreneurship. Take a chance today. Take a risk and work on your side hustle business while building your business on the side in hopes of quitting your day job in the future. Never look back when you quit your day job. Your employer is getting rich off of you and they're laughing at you. That alone should inspire you to work harder on your own business with a concentration in building your net worth and not your employer's. The sooner you get started in entrepreneurship, the happier you'll be later down the road long after walking away from your unthankful narcissist employer.

    No matter how long it takes for you to prosper after starting your own business, never give up and keep a positive mindset.