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#RussianHacking: From #Politics to #SocialNetworks - CHANGE your PASSWORD NOW!

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  • #RussianHacking: From #Politics to #SocialNetworks - CHANGE your PASSWORD NOW!

    #Russianhacking continues on #socialnetworks - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com

    Ladies and gentlemen: The suspected Russia is not playing. They are very intelligent people who know exactly what they're doing. And while it's highly likely they allegedly meddled in the 2016 United States presidential election, they're allegedly nowadays going after your personal social networking accounts. It doesn't matter who you are. If you have a high trafficked social networking profile on Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, or even YouTube.com, you better watch your back online.

    Russian masterminds nowadays are going after social networking accounts without Americans exactly knowing what the Russian agenda is. Is the suspected hacking politically motivated or financially driven to sci-fi money out of Americans? Who knows. Now is the time to change the password on your social networking account if you haven't already done so.

    Russia continues to be a trending topic in the world since the alleged meddling in the 2016 election with Clinton vs. Trump. And the issues concerning Russian hackers and politics continues to take the cake in world discussion in the workplace and across internets.

    The Russians are now taking it one step further in hacking. Drewry News Network recently had one of its social media account passwords HACKED by a Russian entity. While the Russian entity-HACKER hasn't been pinpointed, Drewry News changed the password successfully on the HACKED social media account. Once the hacker gained access to the formerly hacked social media account, they allegedly posted affiliate links to what seem like at the time allegedly Russian travel sites, or some kind of travel website with an alleged Russian affiliate link. From there, the Russian HACKER also posted direct links to some kind of blog or website.

    Additionally to Russian hackers trying to take over social media accounts, a flood of them have recently signed up as new site registrants on Drewry News Network. While their site registration requests continue to be ignored and deleted, one managed to successfully approve themselves as a new site user. In fact, they started posting which is now deleted as well as their site registration details, content in Russian language. Thankfully, all posts by site users must undergo an post moderation approval process,” before any member content is displayed on the Drewry News website. Their information and IP address has been captured for future reference.

    Has your social media account allegedly been hacked by Russians? It's time to change your “stale password. They'll continue to scour the internet to see who they can hack and devour. Watch your back online and be mindful to encrypt your passwords and MYSQL database information. Lastly, if you're a blogger or full-time content creator and share content on Russian social network sites such as VK.com, now's the time for you to reconsider deleting your social networking account, before more Russians discover your site and allegedly try to post content.



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