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#StartupAdvice: Have Faith in the Journey to #Startup Greatness

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  • #StartupAdvice: Have Faith in the Journey to #Startup Greatness

    Can any ol' startup thrive in today's world of information technology? Yes and no. An online startup in some people's minds can be seen as an awkward idea transformed into reality. The tech transformation-start up can be in the form of starting a blog or website discussing a certain topic, and off-the-wall web application that goes from a strange idea to possibly 100 million downloads in less than three months and being featured on sites such as,,,,, and, and more. And the success of any online startup also and mainly has to do with the entrepreneurs mindset and their visionary thinking where they see their startup in the next 5 to 10 years.

    Yes Your Startup Can Thrive

    What useful information in your blog or website provide people? How does it add value to their lives? These are some of many things blog and website owners should think about was starting online venture. Other things to take into account is if you plan to offer a product or service on a blog or website, how will it satisfy people to the way where as you, the entrepreneur, will satisfy people in such a unique way that they'll use their energy give you free advertising by sharing links to your blog posts or webpages on,,, and You look at the bigger picture about startups, anything a person or company starts online can go from small potatoes to a successful large operation potentially in as little as two years. The key to success after starting up online is consistency.

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    This is where most people fail because they allegedly assume that starting an online business or fund raising venture will instantly yield profits when that certainly not the case. If you feel you can play the patience card and stick it out while building up your online start up from the ground floor up and whether trials and tribulations associated with building a business on the Internet fresh from scratch, your startup will definitely thrive regardless how the American economy is performing. Truth is, the Internet is here to stay and provides silent opportunity to those who stay the course in their business startup endeavors.

    Your Startup Might Not Succeed

    Don't feel you can wait it out for a few years before your startup becomes a success? Internet business just might not be a good fit for you. You see, many people think they can use the Internet to get rich quick in any kind of start up. One of those people who think like that, your mindset is way off track and derailed. If you also allow family members secretly don't want to see you prosper, fake friends, and coworkers who you shared your business aspirations with influence you to the point where as you don't feel your startup will prosper, this may not be the line of work for you.

    Your startup might not succeed because there will be days you'll be building your and earn a business from the ground floor up and won't earn one red cent either from selling products and services from your site directly to site visitors or from ads on your blog or website. You might be one of those people who get discouraged easily and give up when things don't work out in the time frame hoped for. If you have a negative mindset for launching your online startup, it's best to wait it out and get your mind right before putting anything on the World Wide Web.


    Just a bit of faith the size of a mustard seed and get you further than hoped for not just in the world of business, but life in general. You cannot and will not succeed without it. If you have a little bit of faith, stay the course by holding onto it and keep doing the transformation business work!