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#TotalTransformation: Former Gang Leader Makes A Successful Mental and Physical #Transformation

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  • #TotalTransformation: Former Gang Leader Makes A Successful Mental and Physical #Transformation

    If someone makes a mistake in life, don't throw them away. You never know how the LORD Jesus Christ may intercede in their life anytime in making them better. We are all beautiful creations of "Christ," no matter how many skeletons we potentially have in our closets, or how much wrong we may have done. Throwing someone away because they may have done something only makes the other person who is throwing them away or company less valuable of a person and reduces their servant worth.

    Give someone a chance to redeem themselves. Grant forgiveness and show someone compassion, if they're in prison or not. It not only makes you look better in forgiving someone but also increases the positive view about you. We all have fallen short and need to be forgiven, yet granted another opportunity in getting it right. This way, we can inspire others no matter how much they have potentially fallen by the wayside in life to get up, strive for direction from God, and be an honorable person before others.

    #ConvictedFelon and former #gangmember turns his #lifearound and becomes an #entrepreneur - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    No one is perfect. Sometimes, it requires that some make mistakes so extreme they have to be rehabilitated by going to prison. And, while some are in prison, they don't let the big house stop them from making positive health and mental changes. We fall down mentally only to get back up and become stronger.

    While he was serving time in prison, he decided he wants to go to college. Say what? How is he going to be able to accomplish that, yet alone, become a positive leader in business? He's a convicted felon who served time for things that people shouldn't do but wants to do good. Yet with all the negativity in his past and the negative surroundings, he managed to turn his life around, completing 14 out of a 25 year prison sentence, and becoming a positive business leader.

    By striving to make positive health and spiritual changes, he has transformed his way of thinking, into being a more positive individual. While the world has thrown him away for the things he has done in his past, he has not given up on himself. He increased the spiritual fitness of the mind, by believing he can do something other see impossible. And that is, be a leader for business and an honorable example of a prisoner who desires to be genuinely rehabilitated.

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    Life is all about helping the next person and being non-judgmental about helping she or he up from the bottom. That's the only time you're allowed to "look down on a person."



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