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#Blogging: From Hobby to Full-Time Profits is Possible for You

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  • #Blogging: From Hobby to Full-Time Profits is Possible for You

    The Internet allows the average person to put creative ideas and strengths to work from their home PC or laptop with startup costs varying from little to nothing. Transforming passion to profit by starting a hobby niche based weblog known as a blog allows an inexperienced blogger to gain valuable business freelancing experience without prior experience. Although it takes time for a person to naturally build the strength of a blog through creative writing and building personal relationships with their target audience, it's possible for anyone to launch a blog from inception and grow to the point of it potentially ranking among elite commercial business blogs, with the intent of command millions in the future through selling advertising space. Additionally, you can diversify your income potential partnering with with reputable affiliate networks, thus achieving business blogging transformation through passionate hobby blogging into a full-time business. The end result is transitioning to a position potentially of an online millionaire in less than a decade.

    Achieving the extraordinary through long-term passionate blogging is the vehicle that keeps passion alive . Starting a blogging business from home or anywhere is only one-tenth of the beauty of online business without regard to age. Almost everyone today remembers something worthwhile from childhood that captured their heart into adulthood. It could be anything from riding in a certain car, collecting comic books, baseball cards, collecting their favorite NBA.com basketball player cards, watching a favorite Saturday morning cartoon, having a love for a certain brand name clothing, and so on. While some things stick with people from childhood until adulthood, turning something they love from childhood into passive streams of diversified online profit is feasible through niche-based blogging.

    Forbes published an article in January 2017 discussing the humble blogging beginnings of Michelle Schroeder Gardner putting an idea into fruition and earning a profit. Upon graduating with her MBA in finance and accruing 38,000 in debt, she brainstormed how to empower others through her knowledge of personal finance. MakingSenseofCents.com was born in 2011. While she didn't have personal-finance during childhood and struggled financially for a short period, she started a blog as a hobby without the intent of accomplishing online millionaire status today. I mentioned this to say anyone can transform creative writing passion into healthy profits. Infinite possibilities quietly lie ahead for visionary entrepreneurs if you put your mind to doing what you love.

    Yielding scores of traffic from search engines is a patient process. It allows the passionate blogger to craft creative content to win and keep the loyalty of their target audience. Moreover, it allows the passionate blogger to experiment with blogging as a hobby with the intent of hopefully turning it into an elite cash machine. A blog that's considered an elite cash machine has the ability to rank among multi-million dollar commercial business blogs. A few examples of commercial business blogs-bloggers are Martha Stewart of TheMarthaBlog.com, RachaelRay.com, The Food network, Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, John Battelle, JoelComm.com, Sir Richard Branson's Virgin mobile blog, and MarieForleo.com. In the long run, creative consistent writing concern turns what others consider a small potato dream into a future multi-million-dollar internet blogging business reality.

    'Blogging in Longevity'

    The downside to unsuccessful blogging is some people not having enough patience to stick out the turbulent blog building phase. It's easy for anyone without a long-term visionary mindset to think in the moment and assume they'll get rich quickly from blogging a few short sentences daily. This doesn't have to be you. What unique writing strengths do you feel you possess that stand out from average? Make good use of your special way of writing to earn and retain your readers. Creativity fuels profitability and profitability fuels creativity!

    Long form content gets more favor from search engines and propels a hobby based blog into a full-fledged business. If you're banking on the hope of building a hobby based blog from scratch, you'll consider sticking to the mantra of consistently creating long form content. What is long form content ? A simple process of writing a blog post 1,000 words or greater. Just like a college student would craft a research paper with credible links to relevant sources to support their claim while earning credibility from loyal readers, bloggers replicate the same actions in hopes of conveying messages in blog posts. Putting profits on the back burner and readers first is a must. Visionary bloggers understand the importance of creating long form content using a unique combination of text, image, video, tweets from Twitter, embedded images from Instagram, info-graphics, and links to relevant external sources to enhance the reader's experience. Visionary bloggers understand readers first before profits and supporting claims made with external links to third-party resources in blog posts adds credibility and instantly increases positive online reputation. It improves their blog income potential secondly.

    Hidden ambition within coupled with past life experience plays an important role in a visionary bloggers' unique style of writing. Whether the past experience was adverse or positively memorable, it'll inspire you to consider starting a small business blog, unleashing your online business potential at full strength. All it takes sometimes is experiencing the unexpected to bring out the best within. It makes you a better person years to come without further delay. A small business blog from home as a hobby, whether you consciously know or not, quietly empowers others to achieve their goals or reinforces personal affirmations. Achieving a successful blog model is a trial and tribulation moment if you truly possess the mental muscle for the business hustle to withstand the test of time. It makes or breaks you.


    It's easy to put the cart before the horse in thinking of profits before readers. Suppressing instant profit potential and providing value to readers first is key in smooth profit potential. Maintaining passion in your blogging journey helps you maintain entrepreneurial steam. Instant profits overnight is impossible online. Build a blog slowly but surely from inception. Be mindful about grammar, relevant links to external sources, take time to personally respond to your readers, and always demonstrate genuine concern. This earns you business without thinking of winning new business. Value is the vehicle that'll entice readers to come back for more, earning their loyalty in longevity. When you do something you truly love such as creative writing and empowering others, it's a love not considered work.



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