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#LarryEllison of #Brooklyn: Defying the Odds from #HumbleBeginnings

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  • #LarryEllison of #Brooklyn: Defying the Odds from #HumbleBeginnings founder Larry Ellison of Brooklyn, New York came a very long way since launching his company back in the late 70's. Though Ellison never finished college he continued doing the transformation educational-entrepreneurial work and continues to succeed.He didn't allow his current circumstances back then to hinder his future ambitions. Sure he had naysayers possibly composed of family and fake friends. But he allowed the creative business potential in him flourish to the extent of succeeding beyond average. Look at where he is today because of the transformation business work he achieved.

    What's stopping you from moving forward? Holding onto the past? Self-doubt? Comfortable with being uncomfortable and careless about getting out of your rut? Or just pure lazy and not wanting to get out of your emotional comfort zone? If you fall into one or all of those categories, it's time to change your way of thinking and begin again. Success is for everyone that does the transformation business work and refuses to settle for sloppy seconds. Starting a business right now is the perfect time for you. Yes, even while you're struggling financially or unemployed.

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    Ever noticed those who succeed the most are the ones who literally started from scratch in the worst times of their lives? This could be you. Don't settle for being a pencil pusher, janitor, or part-timer with no benefits when you have complete control over your destiny. Starting a business and succeeding is something that you have to want to do. No one is going to stand over your shoulder and force you to do it. How many jobs have you been fired from? How many times have you been falsely accused? How many times have you been overlooked by prospective employer despite having higher educational achievements and credible references listed on your resume? How many times has some family members slander you and secretly pray on your downfall? How many times have you experienced rejection in business and personal relationships? How many times have you been presented with an opportunity and did nothing? How many times have you sat and thought to yourself about getting a good paying job with a pension to look forward to? It's time for you to put your money where your mouth is and show the doubters all has the business muscle for the hustle. The more you put it off the more you delay your financial freedom.