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Staying One Step Ahead in Push vs. Pull Strategies

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  • Staying One Step Ahead in Push vs. Pull Strategies

    The world wide web allows anyone to respectively build a business from scratch without prior experience. Whether an individual is tech savvy at internet business marketing or a newbie to the online marketplace, one important thing that webpreneurs should take a mature approach toward is building and sustaining online relationships WITHOUT the intent on trying to hard sell in the moment. This is the sensitive moment of a webpreneurs online career is when she or he takes time to build a relationship with their blog readers, social media followers, e-mail newsletter subscribers-customers, and unique site visitors who have yet to be converted to "repeat online buyers."

    As part of the pull strategy, meaningful conversation is part of the keys to stirring up people's minds online in a positive way. Thoughtful discussion leaves an imprint in the customer or potential consumers' mind that this online business-entrepreneur has something valuable to share in conversation and provides value in terms of sharing quality information or selling a great product-service. Through establishing an online rapport with new and existing consumers, this creates a loyal target audience, easier conversions, and most importantly, "demand." When something becomes in demand, it's a virtual success overnight from little or no effort via "pull strategy."

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    An article from Forbes magazine discussing the importance of using an effective pull strategy and meaningful relationship building on the world wide web mentions " Push media is still needed to create brand awareness and purchase intent ." I personally believe companies nowadays are using creative pull strategies to avoid paid online advertising and resorting to building relationships through e-mail marketing, social networks, and personally responding to people on social networks as a means of immediately generating a buzz and creating brand awareness, quietly shying away from the push strategy which is seen by most people as "hurry up and buy now."Another article emphasizing the importance of creative pull marketing emphasizes the importance of strategizing for success by being different from the rest. KnowThis.com, an online marketing magazine since 1998, published an interesting but short article concerning the push approach, saying "For smaller firms, a better approach may be to use creative methods that capture the final consumers’ attention. Labeled as "pull" promotion, these strategies are designed to target final consumers with the hope they will then ask for the product at retail stores." Inexperienced entrepreneurs new to the business world may not completely understand the concept of using a pull strategy to achieve success in a shorter time span.

    There's many ways to take a creative approach to a pull strategy through being a visionary entrepreneur and having goals foreseen and written out. Pull strategy affects the marketplace by creating a demand for the product or service. An example of a demand at a local retail store for a product or service would be asking the retailer about the advertised product which they saw on television, Internet, or e-mail as they may have been targeted by age, income, employment, or residential area. The pull strategy not only reaches the target audience and creates a desire for the product in the marketplace, but also helps advertisers waste less money on spending ad bucks and reaching a general-vague audience which is 90% highly unlikely not interested in products or services advertised.On a final note: Pull just might be more effective than push strategy because it targets the right audience, builds and sustains relationships, creates a desire, and uses the energy of the target audience to virally spread the word which helps the advertiser save thousands on ad spending while increasing sales potential and marketing reach.

    'Long Story Short'

    Either way you look at things when it comes to business, get your feet wet by getting organized and starting a business now without further delay and learn along the way. This method works great for die hard entrepreneurs striving for excellence and gaining priceless experience on the journey to success.


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