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#WebHosting: Not a Good Idea to Use Free Servers for Your Online Business

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  • #WebHosting: Not a Good Idea to Use Free Servers for Your Online Business

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    #freehosting for your #onlinebusiness is not #good for #business. If you #hope to be a #sidehustlemillionaire, you want to use #cloudhosting or #dedicatedservers for your #WordPress #blog or #static #HTML #website

    Serious about building a million-dollar online business that'll make you money 24 hours a day while you're sleeping? Free web hosting is not the way to go…

    The following questions are from Quora.com users looking for information on "effective web hosting":

    What are the best free web hosting services?

    While some people support free hosting services to host a blog, website or other types of scripts on, free hosting is definitely not the solution you want if you're looking to build a million-dollar online business from the ground floor up. One thing to know about free hosting is you allegedly don't have complete control-functionality over the administrative functions on your back and a server. Free web hosting is only good if you looking to gain free experience on operating a web server before making the ultimate decision to go with a paid web hosting service. Free web hosting services are good for putting away small things, such as college term papers and homework, homemade movies, small stuff.

    You don't want to use free web hosting services for creating valuable quality content from scratch, especially if you're creating and publishing content to your blog or website on a daily basis. Free hosting services are good but there's limitations to using them that free hosts don't talk about. Your best choice is to go along with paid web hosting and not being hesitant to shell out the money for the ideal web hosting business solution, so you can achieve your online marketing goals. Long story short… Get the idea and thought of using a free web hosting service for any type of online business out of your mind and get ready to spend some money, because spending money on paid hosting is well worth it, and you can have a peace of mind knowing your paid web hosting service will allow you to have complete administrative functionality on the backend of your web server.

    What is better dedicated server hosting or cloud hosting?

    That's totally up to you. Both web hosting services, dedicated web hosting and cloud hosting are both excellent and here's why. A dedicated and cloud hosting accounts both have dedicated IP addresses which will allow you to conduct lots of activity on your hosting account, blog-website without raising suspicion about spamming or illegal activity to search engines. An IP address that's a dedicated or coming from a cloud host is also good for quality search engine indexing and giving you a slight boost in search engine optimization-SEO. With a cloud hosting service, your site is virtually mirrored from more than one server just in case your blog or website goes down on your main cloud hosting account.

    The other servers possibly mirroring your blog or website are there as "shadow servers," serving as a backup utility server just in case something happens on the main server and serves backup copies of your blog and MySQL database. A dedicated server mostly runs on one server and is heavily reliable. A cloud server and dedicated server are both durable to the point of handling large sums of incoming traffic from search engines and social networks such as Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com, twitter.com, Quora.com and Pinterest.com, as well as handling video traffic coming in from YouTube.com.

    Most importantly, dedicated and cloud servers also have ample RAM-memory, sufficient bandwidth, and additional tools-services to help your blog and website run smoothly, such as a dedicated and cloud server possibly coming with the additional tool known as a CDN-content delivery network. A reliable content delivery network told that possibly comes with a cloud or dedicated server is one that's provided by Cloudflare.com. the purpose of your blog or website connected to Cloudflare CDN content delivery network is to speed up the loading time on your site so your blog or website can load in lightspeed time. When your blog or website loads in lightspeed, this significantly boosts your SEO, giving you a significant competitive advantage over competitors in your blog or website niche that aren't using CDN services to boost the speed loading time of their sites. The end result? Potentially being listed higher in search engine results pages in Bing.com, Google.com and YaHoO.com, resulting in a spike in free organic search engine traffic and better United States traffic rankings on Alexa.com, an Amazon.com company.

    When your search engine rankings improvement in search engine results pages and your search traffic rank numbers improve on Alexa, this sends a clear and concise message to advertisers looking to partner with bloggers and website owners to promote their products and services to specific target audiences, resulting in opportunities presenting itself to you from online advertisers you never reached out to. This is why it's important to have the right cloud or dedicated server for your online business so not only can your site handle large sums of traffic coming from all corners of the Internet, but you can rest assured and have a peace of mind knowing your blog or website is in good hands with a paid web hosting service that won't crash when hundreds or thousands of people are on your site at once.

    Where can I find free hosting for ASP.NET?

    as mentioned in the first question above, you don't want free hosting for anything other than small potatoes stuff and here's why. Free web hosting services are allegedly vulnerable to being hacked. A paid web hosting service is the ideal solution for your online business goals because you don't have to worry about being hacked. With a paid hosting service, you can set up special monitors for your server to handle specific functions.

    Free web hosting for anything is not a good idea other than the rinky-dink stuff which has nothing to do with building an online business. If you have small files that don't really mean much to you nor do you care about them being stored away online order free hosting package, then by any and all means go for the gusto. Don't be cheap. Shell out the money and reserve are dedicated or cloud server for your online business needs.

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