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#DomainNames and #DedicatedServers: Two Essential Ingredients for Your #SideHustle Success

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  • #DomainNames and #DedicatedServers: Two Essential Ingredients for Your #SideHustle Success

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    Sometimes, people answer questions across the internet wondering how they can get started working from home in their spare time with the intention of turning their side hustle into a full-time online business. First and foremost, you have to take into account that a job means just over broke. Just over broke employment should Inspire anyone to take up a side hustle as a serious means of earning a 100% full-time income from the internet running their own internet based business. Anyone, male or female, can get started working from home by taking the first initial action step in purchasing their own domain name. Having your own URL address tells people you're serious about establishing a respectable online presence. Secondly, having your own domain name allows you to have the complete administrative functionality over DNS records and domain registration details, something everyone needs to have access to instantly after purchasing their own domain name - URL.

    After purchasing your own domain name, you need to purchase or reserve a “dedicated web server.” Yes, dedicated servers do cost money anywhere ranging from 50 to $100 or more than $100 monthly. The reason for having a “dedicated server hosting plan” up front in the infancy of your side hustle is so that when your online business and web traffic grows, you don't have to worry about constantly switching servers to handle large sums of incoming traffic from search engines and social networks. Renting a dedicated server up front in the humble beginnings of your side hustle/ online business allows you to solely concentrate on creating quality content for your site and having a peace of mind in the process of not worrying about switching servers as your site traffic and online revenue grows.

    As people wonder what type of side jobs online they can start or dabble with with or without daytime employment, one of the most stable forms of building an online business is by having a self-hosted WordPress blog installed on your dedicated server and centering your blog around a topic you have knowledge of. If your specialty is technology, writing code, buying and selling things from thrift shops, have a passion for arts and crafts or crocheting, or even video games or comic books, you can send her the topic of your blog around what you love discussing and work on it as a side hustle. Write one blog post a day in excess of 1500 words or more at least 5 days a week for 2 to 3 years consistently in order to potentially grow it from a side hustle to a potentially full-time online business. The more you stay consistent with blogging and never get tired of posting blogs regardless if you don't make money online, you're mentally adapt to writing and Publishing and consistently going the extra mile in your side hustle blocking career even on days when you don't learn one red cent from ads on your blog. Many millionaire bloggers start at their blogs as a hobby without the intention of turning it into a full-time online business or becoming a side hustle blogging millionaire.

    If you really want to stay consistent with blogging by working from home or anywhere, all you need to do is have a headset with microphone plugged into your desktop computer and write content in rough draft mode using Google Docs by tapping the tool tab in Google Docs, clicking The Voice typing tab after you click tools, and activate voice typing for your desktop and blank docs document. From there, you'll have the unique ability of using the awesome power of your voice to create content and never worry about writing content manually by typing on the computer keyboard. This helps you to reduce the occurrence of getting carpal tunnel syndrome and staying consistent in writing “lots and lots of content.”

    Working from home as a side hustle online through blogging and affiliate marketing can be a true dream come true for you. It's not impossible to go from employee to entrepreneur and become a side hustle millionaire off of getting started now with your own domain name, dedicated server, self-hosted WordPress blog, and blogging passionately about topics dear to you. There's quiet millions of dollars to be made online if you take the first initial action step now by doing the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation, and delay no further in getting entrepreneurially organized.



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