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Why You Need #AffiliateMarketing in Your Life

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  • Why You Need #AffiliateMarketing in Your Life

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    The only true job security in today's world of uncertainty is in working for yourself by starting a business online. A good thing about that is not having to worry about hiring outside help. Is there traditional job security in America today like it was back in the heyday? Absolutely not. While most people survived and enjoyed job security in the old era by working traditional jobs in the office, transportation, government, or production by working on manufacturing assemblies in automotive plants or on the railroad and retired successfully with a pension all without going to college, today's new era is much more demanding with less employment guarantees. You can have a Bachelor's or MBA and still get a pink slip from an employer if something goes wrong in the organization. This is where the goodness of affiliate marketing comes into play.

    Affiliate marketing is a process of selling products and services for others. You join what's called an affiliate program and promote links on your blog or website. Or you can use social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or YouTube to effectively video market yourself and get free traffic. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. A good thing about marketing online is you can do this in your spare time as a side hustle and a unique way to supplement your existing income from your day job. And you can also do this if you're unemployed because affiliate programs are always free to join.

    Another great thing about this line of work is building yourself up financially to the point of enjoying financial freedom a few years from now.You have to keep working at it and be consistent. You can't post one blog a week to your site and think you're going to get lots of traffic. You can't post a link to what you're selling on a social network only once weekly. This is serious business. And this is also freewill. No one will stand over your shoulder and encourage you to promote links. You have to want to do this out of willpower as this line of work will test you to see what you're made of as an online entrepreneur.

    If you've never heard of affiliate marketing, now's the time to do your research and get on board now. Job security in today's era is questionable regardless of your college degree. That means very little. If you're coming home from work and just surfing the web and not using the internet to do much other than leisure, now's the time for you to change your way of thinking and consider affiliate marketing as a serious part-time side hustle career.