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#WordPressProtection: Instantly Secure Your #WordPress Blog Against Malware With #AntivirusProtection

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  • #WordPressProtection: Instantly Secure Your #WordPress Blog Against Malware With #AntivirusProtection

    #WordPress #plugins for your #WordPressBlog to #serve the #purpose of #protecting you from #malware - #free & #premium #antivirus #WordPressPlugin

    Are you looking to become a full time WordPress blogger, affiliate marketer and future side hustle millionaire in transition from employee to entrepreneur? Not only do you need the right dedicated server to handle large sums of incoming blog traffic from search engines like Bing.com, Google.com and YaHoO.com, but also handle large amounts of traffic from social networks like Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com and Pinterest.com. As a blogger in transformation from employee to aspiring full time online entrepreneur, you want to concentrate with no interruption on creating content, building and sustaining relationships with the target audience while trying to establish online credibility, increase affiliate revenue potential, and improve SEO in search engines with a piece of mind and not worrying about WordPress malicious blog attacks. The right WordPress plugin or plugins will help protect your WP installations from the bad guys.

    WordPress bloggers want to know that their hard work is paying off without multitasking and always checking their site for malware attacks and infections. You want to know your content is hitting the right eyeballs, converting into online sales possibly 24 hours a day and earning virtually unlimited income. When attackers quietly inject MYSQL infectious code and penetrate a blog, they also disrupt a blogger’s SEO, affiliate earnings, and bring down the online reputation of the blogger by leading people to believe the WordPress blogger’s site can’t be trusted.

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    Antivirus protection for WordPress gives the dedicated WordPress blogger a piece of mind while striving to have a stable blogging career. The anti-virus protection plugin for WordPress is easy to install. The beauty about installing WordPress plugins is you don't need to do it the old school way anymore by using filezilla FTP file sharing open source software. Additionally, you don't even have to login to your web hosting plan directly to install the plug-in. All you have to do is go in through your WordPress dashboard, click on the plugins tab located in the center left flush corner of your blog dashboard, click install new plug-ins, then a search box will pop up to punch in the keyword or search phrase for which plug-in you're trying to install. All you need to do once you reach the search box is type in “WP Antivirus Site Protection,” and the exact WordPress plugin will show up for you to do a to click installation that'll take less than 1 minute to complete. The plug-in was written by siteguarding.com.

    Shortlist of beneficial features of the WordPress antivirus protection plugin:
    • Scans your WordPress blog for malware and suspicious MySQL injections
    • Consistently checks your WordPress blog for any vulnerabilities
    • Gives you a peace of mind knowing you can focus on creating content while malware scanning runs in the background
    • Ability to set cron features to perform certain WordPress blog scanning functions
    • Free and premium version available

    Bottom line: you need this WordPress plugin if you're serious about staying on your A-game in blog content marketing, increasing affiliate commission potential, building and sustaining quality relationships with your target audience, and most importantly, staying safe online years to come in your growing career as a career blogger.

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