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All WordPress bloggers struggle to increase traffic potential from Bing.com, Google.com and YaHoO.com. With search engine algorithms changing on a daily basis, dedicated bloggers need to stay on top of their content marketing game in efforts of staying relevant in search engine results pages. Especially if you're just starting out as a side hustle blogger with the intention of being a future side hustle millionaire. Daily content creation and having the right WordPress plugins installed will help you rank well in major search engines. And believe it or not, you can earn a 100% living as a side hustle blogger depending on your entrepreneurial vision and effort you invest into making your side hustle blogging venture work for you.

It's sometimes confusing which WordPress plugins work best for improving natural search engine optimization. With the WordPress plugin depository overflowing with thousands of WP plugins to instantly download and install on your self hosted WordPress blog, it can sometimes feel overwhelming making the right choice which plugin is compatible with your blog. And besides, the number one thing you want to do is create content daily without the extra headache of searching for compatible WordPress plugins to help you improve your SEO. Hopefully this post will help you make the right choice for the best search engine optimization plugin.

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1 . Smart Crawl SEO - this is a no-brainer WordPress plugin bloggers can easily install through their blogger dashboard. Under the plugins tab in the left flush midsection of your dashboard, all you have to do is Click add new, search WordPress plugins, and search for “SmartCrawl SEO.” Once installed, the smart crawl SEO WP plugin basically optimizes your content to help you get more traffic from organic search engine listings. Additionally, the plug-in will boost your page Rank and domain Authority in Google with one click setup, automatic site Maps, improved social sharing and more, according to the description on wordpress.org for the smart crow SEO plugin by wpmu Dev. Plugin also performs functions such as smart page analyzer, SEO audit and crawl, you can use the plugin to redirect traffic from one URL to another, and integrate with Moz SEO tools. Overall, this WordPress search engine optimization plugin is free of charge.

2 . SEO nofollow - this WordPress plugin is an absolute must if you're serious about improving your traffic rank long-term. Adding the no follow tag automatically to all WordPress blog posts that have links in them to third-party external sites will boost your SEO. How so? Your self hosted WordPress blog doesn't pass off page juice to the site or blog you're linking two. In turn, this helps preserve your natural search engine rankings. You can try but no follow for external link WordPress plugin by cyberneticz and see how well it works for you. Once installed, then no follow WordPress plugin will automatically add “no follow” to every published blog post. There is no work done on your part. Simply install, set it and forget it. Focus on creating content and that's it.

3 . WordPress photo gallery plugin - this plug-in helps to give your images relevant tags according to the description and the photo gallery by 10 web on wordpress.org. Adding the right descriptions to your Alt section in your images will help you rank better in Google image search, giving you a slight bit search engine traffic advantage over competition. Moreover, you can also increase user engagement according to their description having this plug-in installed, giving you the advantage of benefiting from free advertising by readers finding your images and blog posts satisfying to the point of sharing what you published with family, friends and co-workers on their favorite social networks. Free advertising equals increased online revenue potential, pulling you closer to achieving the status of a side hustle millionaire.

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