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#BloggingMistakes: Going From Imperfection to #SideHustleMillionaire

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  • #BloggingMistakes: Going From Imperfection to #SideHustleMillionaire

    #Sidehustle #blogging is the #way to #financialfreedom & going from #TerminatedToMillionaire & #sidehustlemillionaire. #Blog with #concsistency for #good #results

    In a recent study performed by, bloggers who create less content with the intention of just being seen and having people instantly comment on their posts are fooling themselves into thinking they'll get good rankings. Search engines live off of lots and lots of content. Content is and always will be king on the web. The less content bloggers create for their blogs thinking their SEO will benefits in the long run, they are gassing themselves up like "Gaseteria."

    As a blogger, your job as a freelance publisher is supposed to keep your readers engaged. Pick a topic or topics you have best knowledge of, or like to comment on. It can be anything from commenting about news you read on the web in your blogs, health and wellness, technology, education, small business, home remodeling, gardening, weight loss tips, and so on. As long as you're blogging lengthy and meaningful blogs on a daily basis and giving your readers something to think about, you're good.

    Bloggers also make the sad mistake of not including images in their posts. This can be used as a free advertising medium to have your blog site promoted by other people on Pinterest. Adding image to blogs makes the content more compelling and robust, giving the reader more to see and think about. Content and image combined is like Batman and Robin saving the day. The two have to be together in order to keep readers interested.

    Discussion centered around creating content:

    As a blogger, when you write content beyond 500 words, you're doing more than empowering your readers. You're adding value to your site. Blogging is also an open showcase to your personal knowledge. People are nosy and want to read what you know. Make it worthwhile and write more content. When you are in front of people and want to be seen, do you say very little, or, try to virtually outdo someone else and talk more? The same thing applies online. Talk more, but talk meaningfully in your blogs. Add image to make your posts more rich and engaging. Don't make the sad mistake of writing a few sentences or a paragraph and publish it as a blog, thinking you will get good rankings from search engines and people will buy services and products from affiliate programs on your blog site. In most cases, people who read your content are hoarding lots of money and just want to see how you sound in your published works, before clicking ads and buying stuff from affiliate links on your blog.

    If you take a look at blog sites like, and, they haven't been online that long. Yet, they rank very well in search engines, earn good money from affiliate programs, have a strong following, and get lots of quality comment from their readers. How did they achieve this? They publish quality content to their blogs. They might publish one blog a day, or go a few days without publishing a new blog. But when they publish a new post, it's 500 words and better. Blogging from Paradise discusses the importance of writing lengthy and meaningful blogs, so you can get better rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages) in,, and Writing more and adding images makes you look like an online blogging scholar. How cool is it to look like a blogging scholar?

    If you're looking to make your blogs more interesting and worthwhile reading by your site visitors, check out Visme. They have rich images, and suggestive ideas to help your content look more interesting before millions of reading eyeballs. That is, if you're serious about blogging and possibly becoming an internet millionaire like Darren Rowse from building a blog business from nothing.

    Hopefully, this thread will give you something to think about. Blogging can be a home-based business or a business you work on the side while keeping your day job. It's all up to you. The money is there online for anyone if you keep working at your blogging and sustaining good relationships with your readers. Anyone can become a blogging an affiliate marketing millionaire if you keep the faith, do the transformation work, and operate creatively at full strength.

    Fast Fact: There's no age restrictions in affiliate marketing, blogging, and starting your side hustle. No previous experience required. No resume. No references. No Bachelor's degree, MBA, Ed.D, J.D. or Ed.D required. All that's required as an unwritten rule to achieve "side hustle millionaire" status is die hard willpower.