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#PinterestMarketing: Stepping Up Your Content Marketing Game

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  • #PinterestMarketing: Stepping Up Your Content Marketing Game

    Are you excited about making the healthy career change from an average day job employee who's undervalued by an unthankful employer to a dedicated affiliate marketer, blogger, content marketer, and online side hustler? If you're not excited yet, you should be. Why? The internet provides unspoken employment opportunities for people looking to maximize its potential to build a business online as a side hustle and taking your side hustle to the next level to becoming a future side hustle millionaire. As a dedicated content and internet marketer, you want your stuff seen everywhere: LinkedIn.com, Pinterest.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com, and Twitter. But one out of them all proves itself to be king when it comes to getting hordes of traffic; Pinterest.

    Believe it or not, you can win big using Pinterest for business. Your promoted affiliate links, blog posts, articles, press releases, and web pages thrive in getting tons of traffic to them when you use Pinterest for online business exposure. In fact, Pinterest is a search engine like Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com. The more you share your content on Pinterest, the more free exposure you receive to your pins and promoted content.

    Pinterest marketing also serves as a great vehicle to experiment with cost free advertising. People who have 0% experience with PPC advertising (pay per click), marketing products and services on blogs, websites, articles, and SEO optimized press releases is the transformation business solution.

    The reason why cost free Pinterest marketing is the business transformation solution is because you're not paying for the mistakes you'll potentially make marketing anything. The mistakes you make will turn out to be priceless experiences because as you make mistakes, you'll also benefit from incoming free Pinterest traffic you never paid one red cent for. In other words, if you make mistakes in your Pinterest description with grammar, spelling, punctuation, or fail to deliver a clear and concise call to action Pinterest description in whatever you're promoting in that particular pin and failed to convert the promoted pen into sales at the moment, that pin is still indexed and searchable in search engines on Bing, Google, and Yahoo for years to come. And if you have a link in that particular pin pointing back to your blog, website, or SEO optimized press release, you still benefit from backlinks.

    Another great thing about making mistakes is when using Pinterest to promote your business and you make a mistake, you don't have to look at people nor deal with negative feedback. This helps most marketers move forward Faithfully without worrying about what people will think and say about them. All in all... Pinterest is not to be ignored When it comes to using it to earn massive traffic and win new business.

    You can always test the effectiveness of how powerful Pinterest for business is by marketing your raw affiliate links directly As Natural promoted pins. If you're in affiliate of any affiliate Network that allows affiliate marketers to directly promote affiliate links on social networks and abroad, all you need to do is to log into your affiliate publisher dashboard and select the affiliate program you'd like to promote. Be mindful before promoting affiliate links on any particular social network, you'll want to track the effectiveness of your marketing. That said, if you plan on promoting affiliate links directly on your Pinterest profile, it's a wise and recommended idea for you to first go to your Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome web browser, copy and paste the URL of your Pinterest profile, login to your affiliate publisher dashboard, hover your computer mouse over the area where you're administrative and account settings are located, and follow the simple instructions for adding the URL of your Pinterest profile to your affiliate publisher dashboard. The reason for doing that is because you want your advertisers to know beforehand you're promoting your affiliate links on Pinterest, so they can randomly check that your affiliate link promotion methods are in compliance with the merchants online promotional laws before they pay you an affiliate commission. The advertiser will check from time to time to make sure everything you're doing is intact, so don't think you can promote your affiliate link anywhere you want without the advertisers knowledge. They have secret proprietary software that can track every site you put your affiliate link on, even if you fail to add that site to your affiliate publisher dashboard. If you're promoting your affiliate links with natural content on Pinterest and meaningfully engaging people, you have nothing to worry about and lots of sales and conversions to look forward to.

    Not using Pinterest for business and additional content marketing goals? No worries. It's not the end of the world. Yet. Watch and learn from the video above discussing Pinterest traffic and Pinterest marketing strategies you can employ in your Pinterest marketing campaigns for building your side hustle to side hustle millionaire status. Creativity fuels profitability and profitability fuels creativity.



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