If you desire to succeed online in running your own business, you have to be in this game for the long haul. Many people believe today there is a get rich quick way to automated profits online. Getting rich quick is a null and void mentality that'll do nothing more than land you back to square one.


Just like a traditional business, you have to put in countless hours with your internet-based business. This game is a lot of work, and requires "lots and lots of content." Yes, content is king on the web and is responsible for driving traffic from search engines and social networks.

If you're looking for helpful tips on leveraging social media for your web-based business, the video above and article from AmericanExpress.com may be useful for enhancing your knowledge of social media and online marketing.

'Sir Richard Branson Discusses His Break in Business'

Sir Richard Branson is one of the top influential entrepreneurs in today's world. His humble beginnings were super-humble. As everyone knows, Branson not only dropped out of high school, but, he defeated the odds at an early age by dedicating himself to entrepreneurship. He proved to the world that you don't need a high school diploma in order to succeed in business. Branson is a billionaire today , but his billions didn't come easy. He's discussing his favorite topic in the BusinessInsider.com YouTube video - "entrepreneurship."

You don't need previous experience to start an online business. All you need is humility and an iron will to prosper. A teachable mindset in learning a new way of thinking. The internet can and will work for you to quit your day job. The internet can and will make a way for you to start and run a profitable, steady online business. No get rich quick anything. If you really want this to work for you, the time to get started is now with no experience. If you don't know how to get started but want t get started now, you'll find a way to educate yourself on starting an online business by searching for more information and educating yourself through Bing.com, Google.com, YaHoO.com, and searching on this site for related content.