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#Facebook: It's a Good Idea to Share Content From Your Blog or Website Because It's Good for Business

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  • #Facebook: It's a Good Idea to Share Content From Your Blog or Website Because It's Good for Business

    If there's anything Facebook is good for, it's building your traffic, so your business visibility can expand. Businesses of all kinds are flocking to Facebook for free and low-cost web traffic. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook today are all sure means of building your business, and converting free traffic to potentially new customers, and sales.

    Facebook can't be ignored. It ranks number two on in the world. When it comes to keeping in touch with your friends and advertising your online business, Facebook is the place to syndicate your content to using a third party content sharing application.

    Content sharing apps for blogs and websites:
    • Buffer
    • Hootsuite

    Nowadays, U.S. and offshore corporations are seeing much success, with having Facebook fan pages. Why? Because with a Facebook fan page, a company can reach more people. Anytime a Facebook profile user visits a website or forum that has a Facebook fan box on their site, they feel enticed to join, because this way, it makes life easier for them to stay updated through their Facebook page on what new content your forum or website has. The updates on the forum or website will notify them by way of their Facebook updates. For the company or companies that own Facebook fan pages, that means increased page views, repeat visitors, and keeping your audience engaged in what your site has to offer.

    For work at home professionals, creating and advertising your business through Facebook fan pages helps to increase online ad revenue, and get your content out to a wider and targeted audience. There are an array of 3rd party tools that will help companies and work at home pro's syndicate their content, without lifting an extra finger, to their Facebook fan page wall. This means increased productivity, increased ad revenue, more page views, and people sharing what you have to offer, by re-tweeting your forum posts and website content to their Twitter profiles. And, when people talk about your content and Facebook fan page on Twitter, then that means their followers, and potentially the followers of their followers all start to notice your Facebook fan page and your online business, and the viral word of mouth goes haywire online about you, and that's when ad revenue really increases.

    There's virtually unlimited reasons to have a Facebook fan page. The main benefit of having one is that you get to build your traffic for free. You can include a link to your Facebook fan page in blogs, forum signatures, blog comments on popular technology and business blogs, such as,,,,, and many more tech and news blogs, so people from those sites who see a link to your Facebook fan page feel encouraged to join it, while you build your traffic. When it comes to the internet, your creativity in marketing to consumers online is unlimited. If you stay persistent and play your cards right in being honest, the internet can be your "oyster." Stay the course and always know the more content from your blog or website you share to and other social networks, the more exposure and free advertising you get by users sharing your content on their profile walls and telling others offline about what you've published.