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#YouTubeMarketing: Is #VideoDistribution Effective on #Facebook and Other #SocialNetworks for #FreeAdvertising of Your #OnlineBusiness?

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  • #YouTubeMarketing: Is #VideoDistribution Effective on #Facebook and Other #SocialNetworks for #FreeAdvertising of Your #OnlineBusiness?

    #YouTube is by far the #ideal #videomarketing #platform for #affiliatemarketers & #bloggers striving to be a #sidehustlemillionaire & #quityourdayjob

    There's no question Facebook is a multilevel social platform for personal and business purposes. While most folk use Facebook just to keep in touch with family, friends, coworkers, former classmates and ex-loves, most use it not only for business. The online business savvy use it to increase traffic to blogs and websites. Very little do a majority of people know sharing photos on Facebook on a blog or website can and will increase traffic and advertising revenue for you, when combined with contextual advertising programs advertised on your site.

    You can easily promote your individual YouTube videos to entice people on Facebook to start talking about your videos. Sharing images on your profile page wall is a good way to get the viral buzz going about your YouTube videos. Place a link to your YouTube video in the header of your image post along with relevant hashtags to increase awareness of your newest video.

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    Afterwards, write a good description of what the image on your Facebook profile is about. As previously mentioned, be mindful to include a link to your YouTube video at the very top of your image description, so your link will be visible before the content description in the uploaded photo. After achieving that, start tagging your Facebook friends. Your image will show up automatically on the Facebook profile pages of friends whom you just tagged.

    Internet Marketing Success is for Everyone

    Your YouTube video will not only be seen on your friends Facebook profile pages, but, their friends will also see the link to your video, and potentially feel compelled to click the link, watch your video, and possibly share your link with family and friends on Facebook. By using this unique and creative marketing method to promote your YouTube videos, not only are you saving money on PPC pay per click online advertising, but also leveraging the power of Facebook to drive traffic to your YouTube channel and videos with the potential of increasing your YouTube subscriber count slowly but surely. Perhaps this helpful and free video marketing tip will benefit you in the future in your web marketing endeavors.

    'Faithfully Building an Online Business'

    If you're one of many people building a blog or website as an online business in faith through content marketing, you'll discover you have to learn patience. Patience is a virtue in this line of work because it takes lots and lots of content before you benefit from getting good search engine rankings and steady streams of traffic from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks. Don't think in the moment in terms of looking forward to hordes of traffic the minute you publish new content to your WordPress blog or HTML website. Think long-term in this line of work because it takes a combination of content and video in efforts of keeping people attracted to you online presence. Keep creating valuable content in the meantime and focus on creating quality content and keeping people engaged long-term.

    You'll find yourself on days not feeling up to par wanting to create content. Do it anyway even if you don't achieve your daily goal of producing long-form content. Always be mindful to include rich images in your blog posts or web pages every time you publish new content because people will feel compelled to share your pages without thinking twice on their favorite social networks which in turn will give you free advertising and a boost in traffic from other people's energy. This is why it's important to keep faith at bay when building an online business from scratch by way of "lots and lots of content."

    Food for thought: if you want your YouTube.com videos spread exponentially across multiple social networking platforms and looking to brand yourself as an expert in your niche, check out TubeBuddy.com. It might cost a few dollars to use, but their service is impeccable. Give it a try if you're serious about doing the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation and take your online business to the public 9th step.


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