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#SideHustleMillionaire: #Promote Your #Business for Free and Make #Money Using #BlogTalkRadio for #Podcasting

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: #Promote Your #Business for Free and Make #Money Using #BlogTalkRadio for #Podcasting

    #podcasting is a #great #sidehustle & if #done #right, you can be a #sidehustlemillionaire

    Are you aware of the amazing benefits associated with podcasting? Do you even know what a podcast is? Podcasting is basically an online radio show. It's a freelance radio show whereas you use your voice and your natural personality to drive traffic to your online business. People anywhere can join in on the radio show conversation and add valuable feedback. In turn, a podcast builds your business.

    You can make money podcasting with your online radio show. BlogTalkRadio, started by Alan Levy who originally intended for the site to be used between family and friends during his parents' surgery, unintentionally grew the site into a multi-million dollar internet powerhouse. You can create a free Blog Talk Radio show channel and make money once you start your own BlogTalkRadio podcast.