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#SideHustleMillionaire: Take a Quick Look Now at These Four #AffiliateNetworks for Your #Blogging #SideHustle

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Take a Quick Look Now at These Four #AffiliateNetworks for Your #Blogging #SideHustle

    #Affiliatemarketing, #blogging & #sidehustles #online can make #anyone a #sidehustlemillionaire

    Getting your side hustle on nowadays is an absolute must whether you have a day job or unemployed. The side hustle has no guarantee to making money online nor does it provide health care and pension benefits. The side hustle is exactly what it is. A side hustle. Believe it or not, the side hustle will actually pan out very well for you if in fact you're a self driven individual who stays motivated in an unorthodox fashion. If you're one of those people that can manage a side hustle while in between jobs, currently working what's called a "bridge job," or unemployed, the side Housel will surely bring things out of you you either know you have and are fit in, or will bring things out of you you've never if all you had.

    The side hustle is only for self motivated entrepreneur. In this line of work, no one and absolutely no one stand over top of you and encourage you to press on while building your business online from the ground floor up. You will not prosper in your side hustle if you don't know how to creatively think outside of the box and use past and current adversities as your "entrepreneurial fuel" to achieve a healthy full strength business transformation by working your side hustle online in your spare time. The side hustle will surely show who has the "business muscle on the hustle."

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    What exactly is considered the side hustle? It's the trend in today's era of information technology known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting and advertisers niche based product or service on a blog or website or social network in hopes of driving traffic and sales to the advertiser in exchange for something known as an affiliate commission. You are the affiliate and affiliate marketing is your side hustle. Your side hustle is to apply yourself wholeheartedly promoting your niche based advertisers on your niche based blog or website so that you can position yourself in years to come to make money online while you're sleeping-24 hours a day. Making money 24 hours a day puts you in the driver's seat quit your day job and work for yourself full-time from the comfort of your laptop or home computer without worrying about asking your boss for a raise and getting a virtual slap in the face with the answer of no, or getting a raise which is virtually pennies on the dollar. Affiliate marketing is the ideal side hustle because this line of work does not require you to meet a specific monthly sales quota in order to make money. You work on strictly commission and only earn an affiliate commission when you generate a sale from your affiliate links promoted on your blog, website, or promoted on social networks like,,,, or

    Believe it or not, there are people who are quietly earning a fortune from the comfort of their laptop or home computer and transitioned to affiliate marketing millionaires starting from the bottom most affiliate marketing millionaires today started out broke, unemployed, frustrated with their employer because they can't get along with them, and hated by their coworkers and family. These people applied themselves wholeheartedly to their side hustle in affiliate marketing and blogging and made it work for them. They used the negative energy and the the transformation business work at full strength. And they also found quality affiliate networks to partner with as an affiliated publisher so they can earn "good money" from promoting "niche based affiliate programs."

    The following networks below are considered quality affiliate networks:

    1. - This is a high-quality contextual advertising network where partners form alliances in longevity between advertiser and publisher. This contextual ad network works similar to Google AdSense. The ad marketplace approves publishers who create quality Evergreen content on blogs and websites and currently has impressions in monthly excess of 10,000,000+. This contextual advertising affiliate network is not for affiliate marketers and bloggers who are just starting out and working to build a large traffic base. In other words, to be approved as an affiliated publisher, you must already have a very low United States Alexa search traffic rank, rank well in search engines like by,, and, as well as an established reputation for having thousands of shares of your published pages across social networks.

    Location of Ad Marketplace:

    1250 Broadway, Floor 31, NYC 10001

    AdMarketPlace currently works with advertisers such as Macy',,, and hot These advertisers running ads on the ad marketplace network for high-quality publishers to advertise on their blogs and websites in hopes of exponentially winning new business. In turn, when publishers place a small snippet of job a script or I-frame code into their blog or website templates to host the ad marketplace contextual adverts, they earn affiliate commissions as previously mentioned. This is a wonderful way for publishers to make money because the ad marketplace is not requiring publishers to directly sell anything other than space on their blogs and websites in hopes of publishers earning ad clicks so they can keep their advertisers happy. If your blog or website currently generates over 10 million impressions monthly, you should seriously consider registering as an affiliated publisher.

    2. - Swag bucks is easy money and good money. The beauty of this affiliate network is you don't need a blog or website to make money. All you need is effort, spare time to take surveys, and earn points and hard cash. Founded in February 2008 according to Gen. online Internet searches in, SwagBucks graced the Internet world with its presence and currently ranks a little over 400 in the United States on

    Swagbucks former location:

    2108 Veil Street
    Redondo Beach, California

    They're a company that helps people get their side hustle on by offering affiliates the opportunity to take online surveys and put cash in your wallet. Accumulated points earned can be redeemed in the form of gift cards to use on sites like, to pay a bill, and

    You have the ability to earn money two ways. First is taking online surveys for points and potential cash. The second way is watching videos such as movie trailers. Isn't that mind boggling how you can simply earn points that possibly convert to cash just off of the strength of watching movie trailers online? Things to make you go hmmm.

    There's more ways to earn money with swagbucks. According to the footer of the official Swagbucks corporate website, you can earn money by shopping online and getting cash back, searching, playing games, and discovering deals. This is a beautiful opportunity for people looking to take their side hustle seriously and in their spare time toward achieving the goal of working from home full-time. You must have complete faith himself in a efforts of earning a full-time income from any affiliate network or Internet marketing venture. It all possible for you to earn good money to the point of walking away from your job if you believe and do the transformation business work. Swagbucks has social presences to learn more about the company on,,, and Apply here to be a swag bucks affiliate.

    3. - This contextual ad network works in partnership with AdSense by You must have an existing Google AdSense account in order to be approved for Media Vine. According to the homepage of the website, they claim to be a "full-service ad management or content creators… and so much more." Mediavine's proprietary contextual ad technology uses basis fist vacated system to read the content of an affiliated publisher's website in determining what specific ads to target and display. It works just like Google AdSense where as you earn money as a publisher-affiliate when you're text link advertisement is clicked on your blog readers or website visitors. This is a solid network for dedicated affiliate marketers and bloggers looking to diversify their online income potential through multiple affiliate marketing relationships.

    Location of

    160 W. Camino Real #504
    Boca Raton, FL 33432

    The contextual affiliate advertising network was started by young men label themselves as an Internet publisher since the year 2004, who also own and operate the websites known as,, and The current United States traffic rank on Alexa at the time of this post for Media Vine is 20,805. Mediavine's potential for future growth looks very promising and seen in a respectful light as a company you want to partner with as an affiliate if you're looking to seriously make the side hustle you. As with any business, you can make more or less in affiliate marketing based on your performance. And in case you didn't know, affiliate marketing and side hostels or also known as "performance based marketing."

    4. - This is a coupon ad based affiliate network for high traffic sites. Basically, you're making money off of people clicking the images inside of the pop-up ad that appears on your homepage or any page specified in your site. When site visitors adhere to an ad, you earn easy money. No selling involved. This is a solid company to partner with as an affiliate.

    Flipp New York Office:

    112 W 34th St. Floor #18
    New York, NY 10120

    Check back regularly as more affiliate networks are destined to be mentioned.