If you were one of millions who watched former hit TV sitcom Three''s Company starring Suzanne Somers, you know who she is. Since the former hit TV sitcom went off air in the mid-1980s, Somers has been keeping herself busy with numerous business projects, maintaining an active status simultaneously in the world of show business. And today, she''s now in the world of affiliate marketing introducing her own affiliate program to affiliate marketers.

SuzanneSomers.com introduces organic anti-aging skin care solutions. Additionally, she's also promoting a weight loss fitness program. Lose weight, get fit, a healthier you is her new health and fitness mantra. With her weight loss and skin care affiliate program combined, the Suzanne Somers affiliate program allows affiliate marketers to join her Internet marketing network. Once approved as an affiliate, you can then promote the Suzanne Somers affiliate program on your blog and website if your content is relevant to health and fitness, or organic skincare. As an affiliate, driving traffic to your site with the Suzanne Somers affiliate program advertisements on it enables you to greater your potential of potentially generating sales to your Suzanne Somers affiliate adverts and earning affiliate commissions.

The Suzanne Somers affiliate program looks like a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to make money online and diversify their Internet revenue potential. She''s a well respected name in the world of show business and continues to succeed in what she does best: helping others and being an honorable leader.

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