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#ShawnCollins: #AffiliateMarketing Mastermind - Co-Founder of #AffiliateSummit Discusses #MakingMoneyOnline

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  • #ShawnCollins: #AffiliateMarketing Mastermind - Co-Founder of #AffiliateSummit Discusses #MakingMoneyOnline

    Shawn Collins, co-founder of Affiliate Summit discusses DrewryNewsNetwork's favorite topic. Affiliate marketing. What is it and how does one get started in the online marketing game? Believe it or not, it's not as hard as you think.

    Who can make the faithful transition from a day jobber into a full-time affiliate marketer? Anyone with a determined-positive mindset. It starts with your way of thinking. One awesome thing about transforming into an affiliate is learning a new way of doing business. Marketing products and services on the web is outside the traditional thinking box and requires creativity. This line of work makes you think smarter and brings out the best in anyone.

    "Side hustle millionaire" status in affiliate marketing is achievable by anyone who believes in their ability to prosper in a side hustle. Shawn Collins is an honorable example of someone who went fro employee to entrepreneur and [side hustle millionaire]. With a concentration and passion for affiliate marketing as a former affiliate manager for back in 1997, Collins made the business transformation out of sheer inspiration in 2003 when he transitioned full time and started, and making money simultaneously in affiliate marketing. Collins exceeded his affiliate marketing goals beyond expectation and prospers today as an internet marketing leader and online multi-millionaire.

    If anyone knows affiliate marketing, it's surely Shawn Collins.

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