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  • #Advertisers Corner for #WebMerchants

    DrewryNewsNetwork welcomes online advertisers to this forum. What purpose does this for research for online advertisers? This is a corner for you to discuss your Internet company and recruit potential new affiliates. This forum allows you to go into detail about the beginnings of your company, how it benefits bloggers and Internet marketers in generating revenue from your affiliate program, additions to your affiliate program such as .csv files, affiliate RSS datafeeds and so forth. Most advertisers possibly pay for PPC online advertising services such as Google AdWords to scope out recruit new affiliates. There's no need to do so here. All you have to do is create a free account by registering with your Facebook profile or e-mail address. You may also post videos of your online company specifically in this forum.

    You may also discuss benefits of affiliate marketing to newbie affiliate marketers , how their site can benefit from added content once they join your affiliate program. For example, let's say you have an affiliate program where affiliates once approved into your affiliate program can grab RSS feeds specifically with their affiliate ID embedded automatically. If an affiliate marketer or blogger can use that specific affiliate RSS data feed with their affiliate ID automatically embedded in it to update content on their blog or website, advertisers can specifically outline that in this forum for affiliated bloggers and make that clear to affiliates looking to keep their site content fresh 24 hours a day. There are some bloggers who use automated blogging content programs whereas all they have to do is input an RSS feed into. Having an affiliate RSS datafeed available around the click benefits auto-bloggers and content marketers.

    It's important as an advertiser to post your company information in this forum if your goal is to increase profit potential from your affiliate program and recruit new affiliates for free. You are also welcome to share this thread and forum link with fellow advertisers and people on your favorite social networks. Thank you.