Pastor Gino Jennings of First Church of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania preaches only truth from the scriptures and never adds his opinion. The scriptures were written for our learning. And anyone that speaks against scripture and challenges it is a fool. Man was created in the beginning knowing nothing. He had to be taught because man didn't know himself. How could man teach himself? Impossible. Scripture is our everyday teacher because there is no other form of learning better than learning from the Bible!!!

If you take a close listen to the video, Mr. Vegas says in so many words that "a wig is only enhancing her beauty." Mr. Vegas is wrong. Was a man born to wear earrings? Was a woman born to be Jezebel? Was a man created for another man? Was a man created to dress up like a woman as a transgender and think it's ok to do so? Was a woman created to wear wigs, wear Jezebel attire to entice a man's eye? Was a man created to have multiple wives? Was man or woman created to wear tattoos or jewelry? The answer to all these questions are NO!!!

In related news:

Hypocrite Jamaican newspaper Jamaica Gleaner has an article written by Gaynor Gordon says "It is love that is going to bring the lost to Christ, not debates and fired-up passions that enslave God's people with man-made laws. There is only one law, and that is love. Preach that and that alone.." It sounds like they're now taking sides indirectly with Mr. Vegas that it's ok for a woman to wear makeup, false hair, sport open toes, and more. It is NOT ok for a man or woman to wear tattoos, facepaint - makeup, or jewelry. Vegas is wearing earrings and jewelry. Scripture speaks against that in so many words. Mr. Vegas proves himself to be a HYPOCRITE.