Shots FIRED! Jamaica is stunned. From the Jamaican prime minister to former dancehall musicians, they either witnessed or heard the news. Pastor Gino Jennings flew to Jamaica with First Church security and FC Jamaican staff and Jamaican law enforcement on deck at the Hope Road YMCA in Kingston. Pastor Jennings arrived in the island answering Mr. Vegas' call for a face to face debate. It was not only a debate, but an ultimate showdown. Before the debate ended, Pastor Jennings put the nail in the coffin by shutting Vegas down and having him "forcibly escorted out."

Pastor Gino Jennings has it "right." He preaches hard truth that many reject. Jennings addresses Mr. Vegas in regard to women wearing lipstick, ankle chains, toe rings and toe nails, makeup - facepaint, weaves, jewelry, and looking like Jezebel. Vegas says there's nothing wrong with a woman wearing pants, sporting flesh , and wearing facepaint. Pastor Jennings retaliated against Vegas with nothing but truth and Bible.

Pastor Gino Jennings proves himself times over to be a TRUE Apostle and the undisputed champion. knows what time it is when Obama indirectly and quietly lost to Jennings after sending Harry Knox to First Church years ago to debate Jennings on Homosexuality.

The result of Mr. Vegas being forcibly kicked out of the debate will most likely be a dent in his music career. Mr. Vegas can look forward to his music career possibly being in jeopardy due to his loss to Pastor Gino Jennings. If Vegas takes a hit to his music career, how many millions of dollars do you think the dancehall artist might lose?