Apostle Gino Jennings of First Church in Philadelphia preaches on the sensitive topic of "jealousy." Do you have jealous family members that had it out for you since childhood? Do you have a jealous aunt, uncle, or cousin who envied you since childhood and continued harboring that jealousy-hatred against you during adulthood when you've done nothing to them? Are you the victim of slander by a jealous family member who either lives in adultery, or slander from a family member such as an aunt or uncle who claims to be saved? If you feel victim of family drama directed toward you and seek spiritual comfort, watch this down to earth video with Pastor Jennings speaking on jealousy. When family members showcase jealousy toward you and create enmity in the family, just know greatness awaits you. You can't achieve spiritual greatness and millionaire status without going through something negative in life. Jealousy leads to the contemplation of murder. A jealous family member can be a murderer just by the words that come out of their mouth alone, even if they never physically murdered a person a day in life. And they can also be a murderer even if they regularly attend church. How can a family member claim to be right regularly attending church and speak evil against another family member out of jealousy, and create enmity against a cousin, niece, or nephew that goes to the same church as them striving to live right? Something doesn't add up with them. Are you listening?

The one(s) who have it out for you are the same ones that come running back when they find out you're doing good without them. When family shows you who they truly are, believe them.