Bookmark this page and take a close listen to Pastor Gino Jennings of Philadelphia of First Church of Our LORD Jesus Christ discussing "paranormal activity."

Fact: Did you know using mediums such as a Ouija board and other mediums of uncleanliness can make you unlawfully tap into the spirit world? The spirit world is a place the human eye can't see. Even if you place a quarter or a coin on a piece of paper with numbers and symbols drawn out and start summoning the spirit world, that's another way outside using a traditional "yes yes board" to contact the spirit world. There's truthful words discussing the spirit world and things humans shouldn't do. Making contact with the place in which no human eye can see comes with great consequences.

Your daily life, household, and loved ones can be negatively impacted through your contact with the spirit world. Ever had a door knob aggressively turn on it's own in your apartment or house with no breeze outside and aggressively, the door opens and slams shut while you're in another room or the bathroom? Things happen. Ever had objects move and fall on the floor in another room of your residence, only to walk in that room and discover the object in question you heard move and fall to the floor is intact? Once again, things happen. Evil spirits have a way of manifesting themselves. As a child, ever felt like at one point and time you wanted to scream for help and struggling to open your mouth and say something, only to discover your throat and mouth couldn't utter one word? You have allegedly experienced a mild case of the paranormal as a child dealing with you in the moment. Most people proclaim that experience during childhood.

Another fact: All YouTube videos of Ouija boards causing things to move on it's own are absolutely fake. When a negative spirit does something, no human knows in advance where the spirit is and what object the spirit will move. Those Ouija video creators make those spoof videos just to earn money from Google AdSense - YouTube partner program.

If you've used a Ouija board and performed a seance alone to discover that the planchette moved on it's own without your hands or fingers on it, you've made successful contact. Making contact with the spirit world opens an invisible door that's hard to close. You'll need lots of prayer and asking The LORD Jesus Christ who is GOD to close the invisible spirit world door for good. If an evil spirit attaches itself to you and you don't pray to have the invisible door closed, the demon can latch itself onto you and cause collateral damage in your life. This is not made up stuff. This is real life talk. video provided by Mr. Tony Harvin.